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By purchasing the Center for Executive Coaching’s Coach Master Toolkit, whether Option One (A La Carte) or Option Two (Full Toolkit) you receive everything described on the web page about the program:

  1. The toolkits that come with the program.
  2. Exclusive member area including webinars describing how to use each toolkit.
  3. Use of the toolkits in your coaching practice, as well as the right to adapt the content to your own model.
  4. You don’t pay any royalties.
  5. You enjoy ongoing use of the toolkits once you purchase them.
  6. You get email support directly from Andrew Neitlich, who developed the content.
  7. You enjoy access to all bonuses described on the web page for the option you have chosen.
  8. You get a 30-day money-back guarantee to review the materials so that you have NO RISK when you purchase.

In exchange, we require you to agree to the following terms:

  1. Non Exclusive. You have the non-exclusive right to use the materials described on the website (“materials”) as an independent professional. The materials are provided by the Center for Executive Coaching and Andrew Neitlich (referred to herein as “Center for Executive Coaching,” “us” and “we”).
  2. Logos. You can add your logo to the toolkits.
  3. Attribution. You may adapt the materials so long as you continue to attribute credit by writing: Adapted with permission from the Center for Executive Coaching.
  4. Single Seat License. This is a “single seat” purchase for one person only that may not be transferred. If you have more than one person who will be offering this program in your firm, they must make a separate purchase.
  5. You Handle Logistics and the “How.” You are responsible for all logistics of running any coaching programs you offer with the materials.
  6. No Sharing, Reselling, or Training Others. You shall not sell, loan, or lease the materials and shall not permit or sublicense others to do so. You may not train others to use the materials.
  7. No Mass-Marketed or Large Scale Online Training Programs. You May NOT create a mass-marketed online training program with the materials. These materials are designed for one-on-one and group coaching and training. You may not use them to create an online training program for clients that you do not work with in a traditional client relationship.
  8. No Large Scale Giveaways of these Materials. You may not offer these toolkits as free or paid downloads or other formats on your website.
  9. Other Parties. This agreement in no way creates any other legal relationship between other parties and us, including between your clients and us or between your contractors/employees and us.
    1. You are not an agent, employee, affiliate or otherwise legally connected to the Center for Executive Coaching.
  10. Intellectual Property. You understand that the materials you are purchasing constitute avaluable proprietary product of the Center for Executive Coaching embodying substantial creative efforts and confidential information, ideas, and expressions. Title to the written and graphic materials provided to you by us remain exclusively with the Center for Executive Coaching and is protected by trademark and copyright law. Should you breach any of our rights under these laws, you understand and agree that our remedies at law may be inadequate and we shall be entitled to equitable relief, including without limitation, injunctive relief, specific performance, or other remedies.
  11. Indemnification. You agree to defend, indemnify and hold the Center for Executive Coaching harmless from any and all claims, demands, liabilities, obligations, costs and expenses of any nature whatsoever arising out of or based upon the use of the materials by you. Should any claims arise and be won by you, damages shall not exceed the cost paid to us by you.
  12. Attorney Fees. We have never been in a lawsuit because we attract great people in our business dealings and we work hard to form strong relationships. We intend to continue this track record. However, in the event that we must engage an attorney to enforce our rights under these terms, we shall be entitled to recover reasonable attorney fees.
  13. Payment. If you choose to make payment via installments, you agree that these payments are not a subscription that you can cancel. Rather, you are committing to a payment plan with a start and stop date and you agree to make all payments. You may not use our materials if you are not in compliance with payments.
  14. Due Diligence. You understand and acknowledge that coaching, training and consulting are competitive businesses and we have not made any earnings claims. You have done your due diligence about competitors, financial projections, and legal requirements in your area and take full responsibility for the results you achieve.
  15. Florida Law. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of Florida.
  16. No Assignation. You shall not sell, assign, or sublicense any of the rights, authorizations, or permission granted herein.
  17. Entire Agreement. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between us.

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