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View our open house and get the ebook “Three keys to success as a coach”

A key coaching competency that other executive coach training programs don’t cover

How the “Talent Stack” concept will boost your coaching career

How to know if being an executive coach is for you…

Webinar recording: How to coach difficult technology / scientific / engineering / clinical leaders

Why coaching executives is simpler than you might think: 12 simple, powerful insights C-level executive coaching clients recently had

Center for Executive Coaching now offers Specialty Coaching Designations

How did these two coaches just close over $150,000 in business each?

CEC Open House — Top 25 coaching niches

The end of employees and what it means for you

Four things that executive coaches can learn from a company President who hires lots of consultants

Would you rather be seen as a strategic advisor or a coach?

Ten reasons why leadership and executive coaches should be super grateful

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Webinar: Coaching non-profit boards

Coaching that sells itself

The REAL fastest-growing trends in coaching

Three opportunities for coaching non-profit leaders

The 4 best coaching words and the 3 problems with selling coaching

Webinar recording – 12 key coaching opportunities for healthcare leaders (and one bonus opportunity)

Coaching clients to create a high-performance culture

5 fears that keep natural leadership coaches from doing what they love

Good leadership coaching almost always ends up here….

6 Dirty Secrets Other Coach Training Programs Don’t Want You to Know

Clearing up some differences between sports coaching and executive/leadership coaching

The advantages of thinking big as a coach

Coaching in times of hate and senseless violence

Get your first client already: Tough advice for new coaches (and nostalgia for those who have already done it)

Why organizations with a culture of coaching are better

Coach training for managers: Leader Coach Toolkit

The unexpected, amazing ways that coaching changes lives

The 6 most important questions to ask in a coaching session

7 habits and a 5-step action Plan to create a culture of success through coaching

14 examples of bad coaching habits

The ideal sweet spot for coaches – and four troublesome markets to avoid

The sublime art of asking one coaching question that changes everything

How to coach clients to be accountable

Recorded webinar: The opportunity to lead roundtables for business owners, especially about exit/succession

CEC now offers 60 hours towards the Board Certified Coach (BCC) certification with all programs!

120-page coach training ebook: You Can’t Coach a Vampire to Stop Biting

Three Keys to Success as an Executive Coach

Fun coaching case study: Career coaching for an elf who desperately wants to be a dentist

3 lessons from our recent coach certification seminar

Fun coaching case stuy: Willie Wonka and Succession Planning

A Tale of Two Coaches, One Great and One Horrible – with Lessons for What Makes a Great Coach

Business Development Intensive Webinar Recording

Why leaders who work with coaches are better

Webinar: Is leadership and executive coaching a good encore career?

How any coach can make business development conversations feel natural — not awkward or even terrifying

10 suggested business development core competencies for coaches

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At the request of our members, the Center for Executive Coaching now offers — at no additional cost to members of our Executive Coach  Certification program — Specialty Leadership and Executive Coaching Designations. Best of all: The process to get one of these designations is designed to position you in your target market, meet decision […]

The attached recording introduces you to 25 potential coaching niches, along with why a niche is important to have and our “70/30” rule. It also includes a discussion in the middle about what sets the CEC apart. At the end we discuss what you receive with our program. At the end, please email us at […]

After viewing the video recording of our most recent Open House, enter your email in the box describing the ebook and we will email you a copy right away. At the same time, please email Director Andrew Neitlich directly at to set up time to discuss, identify the best program for you, and answer […]

If you are a leadership coach, you already know that we are truly blessed to be working in one of the most fulfilling and fun professions that there is. In the spirit of the many obligatory gratitude emails that you see every Thanksgiving, following are ten reasons why we should feel super grateful. If you […]

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