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Sometimes prospective members ask us why we don’t have a very formal application process compared to other coach training programs. All we ask for is a brief bio, CV, resume, or Linkedin profile. We are also happy to schedule a brief phone call to confirm fit. That’s usually enough to know whether a prospective member […]

Here is an important fact: If you practice coaching with other coaches, you can count that as barter and therefore as paid coaching hours towards your ICF designation. The ICF website makes that very clear.The Center for Executive Coaching has a large pool of members/coaches who are pursuing their ICF designation. We keep an active […]

There are many executive coach training and executive coach certification programs. In this article, we explain some of the reasons the Center for Executive Coaching is different.1. We focus first on coaching methods and processes that get results for clients in specific situations. Other programs emphasize theory, or a particular philosophy. We start with the […]

One of the questions people ask us most frequently is: Do I really need a coaching designation? This article will try to answer this question for you.First, let’s make sure that you understand the different types of designations out there. There are three broad categories, and the Center for Executive Coaching can get you all […]

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