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Get your BCC Certification while going far beyond the Board Certified Coach core competencies to deliver great results to clients and be in the top 5% of executive and leadership coaches worldwide

The Board Certified Coach (BCC) is a growing certification that has the advantage of being more straightforward to acquire than the ICF certifications. The Center for Executive Coaching’s 60 hour BCC training program meets or exceeds the CCE’s training requirement for experienced coaches or anyone with a qualifying Master’s degree or higher. In addition to our approved BCC coach training, you will need at least 30 hours of coaching experience, which we also provide at no additional cost.

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If you want the BCC certification in addition to our designation of Certified Executive Coach, we offer an efficient, flexible path for you to complete the required training. While we match other programs that offer training in the core competencies that the BCC requires, our training goes far beyond. The BCC certification alone is not enough to show you how to be credible as a coach, attract clients (whether as an internal or external coach), keep clients for a long time, and deliver measurable results that will put you in the top 5% of coaches worldwide.

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The Center for Executive Coaching is different because our curriculum, processes, and ongoing support help you succeed beyond adding some letters next to your name.

It takes 2-5 months to complete the BCC program, and you can attend our in-person seminar to accelerate your progress. You attend any of our three live one-hour teleclasses that we have each week, or listen to recordings. We also match you up with fellow participants to help you complete the 30 hour coaching practicum, in case you do not have those hours completed already

The cost for the distance learning program is $5,000 and includes our Certified Executive Coach designation and the BCC training and certification. It also includes our full distance learning program and ongoing support; access to our member area with hundreds of hours of audio lectures, video demonstrations, and webinars; weekly live teleclasses; marketing materials and support; toolkits that you can use immediately with clients; matching up with other CEC coaches to build up your required coaching hours; and and a 455-page proprietary textbook delivered to you in the mail and available via pdf.. You can pay $4,900 up front or ten monthly installments of $500.

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Also, you can attend our acclaimed seminar to accelerate your training hours by 32 hours. The cost including the seminar, which includes the distance learning program and ongoing support, is $7,350 if you pay up front or ten monthly installments of $750.

Come to our seminar and also get the BCC Certification/Distance Learning program. Pay in ten monthly installments of $750 or save $150 by paying upfront. Click the best payment option for you:
Pay in Full and Save Pay in Convenient Monthly Installments

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