Center for Executive Coaching Course Description per International Coach
Federation Program Code of Conduct Operational Standards Paragraph 6.1

Title of the Program: Center for Executive Coaching Certified Executive Coach Training Program

General Program Vision and Goals: The vision of the program is to train the highest-level of coaches who are capable of getting practical results for executives, leaders, business owners, managers, up-and-coming, talent, and teams.


The curriculum includes the following classes:

  • Introduction to executive coaching
    • Coaching defined
    • The 7 orientations of the coach
    • The 8-part executive coaching process
    • The 3-part executive coaching process (market facing)
    • ICF ethics
    • ICF coaching competencies
    • Active inquiry
    • Appreciative inquiry
    • Accountability conversations
    • Moving conversations forward
    • Listening for the right questions/lines of inquiry
    • Contracting with the client/setting scope and boundaries
    • Assessing the client and situation
    • Off-the-shelf assessments
    • The leader’s dashboard
    • Development planning
    • 360 feedback
  • Situation coaching
    • Behavioral coaching
    • Perceptual coaching
    • Personal domains
    • Strategic planning/thinking
    • Strategic retreat coaching
    • Communicating simply and powerfully
    • One-on-one influence
    • Group influence
    • Managing or leading up
    • Engaging and mobilizing employees
    • Coaching through conflicts
    • Power base coaching
    • Coaching ad hoc/high-performance teams
    • Managing time
    • Career development coaching
    • Moving things forward
    • Creating a high-performance culture
    • Succession planning and leadership development
    • Coaching through change and transitions
    • Mergers/acquisitions
    • Significant performance improvement
    • The attitudes and ways of being of the leader
    • Thinking comprehensively about an issue
  • Creating coaching frameworks and your own powerful questions for a client
    • Frameworks and methodologies defined/examples
    • Practice creating coaching frameworks
    • Using frameworks to structure coaching engagements
    • Using frameworks to develop a coaching practice (internal or external)
  • Case studies in executive and leadership coaching
  • Practicum and coaching conversation review
  • ICF Mentor coaching (for those who select that option)
  • Marketing your practice (NOTE: Not part of ICF Core Competency Hours)
  • Note: We also offer a business coach training program and a career coach training program which offers additional content that is approved by the ICF for coach training hours.

Number of hours of student contact time: The program is designed as a full ACTP which provides you with 125 hours, of which 100 hours must be live training. Note that the 100 live hours includes 10 hours of mentor coaching only when you register for the full ACTP option on our website. Option One includes 90 hours but is not the full ACTP. The business coach program and career coach program do not include the ten hours of mentor coaching.

Learning goals: The goal of the program is that students are competent in the core coaching competencies for coaching executives, leaders, managers, up-and-coming talent, and business owners on the most pressing challenges that they face as leaders of their organizations, specifically related to engaging employees, communicating, influencing others, leading change, executing for results, setting standards, improving performance, and creating high-performance cultures.

Coaching philosophy: Our philosophy is eclectic, and draws from cognitive psychology, best practices in business, behavioral sciences, behavioral economics, and communication and influence theory. Our program is practical in nature, focused on the key issues that leaders face rather than on pushing a particular fad of the month onto coaching clients. We combine the core competencies of coaching as developed by the ICF with an emphasis on practical results as required by demanding clients in the marketplace. We know from experience that most executives and managers will not tolerate the way that the majority of coaches perform, and we aim to bridge the gap between what coaching can achieve, and what demanding clients expect. Therefore, we teach a process of coaching focused on getting measurable results for clients, and we offer coaching frameworks that are focused on helping clients navigate the most pressing problems that they face – in their language and in ways that are efficient and effective from their point of view.

Lead Instructions: Andrew Neitlich, Founder and Director of the Center for Executive Coaching, teaches the content. Sheri Boone, MCC, leads the ICF mentor coaching. See the “About Us” page of our website for the lead instructors’ biographies.

Dates and Locations: The program is offered via distance learning, and students may take the program from anywhere in the world. Enrollment is open, and you may start any time. As soon as you enroll, you receive a one-on-one orientation with Founder and Director Andrew Neitlich to get you started. Contact us for current live teleclass schedules. We also offer seminars in Sarasota, Florida. Check our website for exact dates. Private seminars may be offered on request for your organization.

Language: English.

Delivery: We offer a distance learning option and in-person seminar option. You may only take the in-person seminar if you are also in our distance learning program.

Intended participants: Our participants tend to have a record of achievement in their careers and/or academia. We have assessed a sample of our participants and they tend to be high scores in terms of their verbal aptitude. We train both internal and external coaches.

Requirements: Prior to joining we would like to review your bio or LinkedIn profile and speak by phone to confirm a fit with your goals and interest.

Policy on payment: We offer a discount for up front payment and we offer installment payments. Certification and use of our proprietary content is contingent on payment in full.

Policy on withdrawal and refund: We want our members to be committed and serious before they register for our program. At the same time, once you join our program, you are considered to be a member for life and there is no deadline to complete our program. For this reason, and because our proprietary content is valuable, we do not offer refunds. It is up to you to confirm fit before we send you our proprietary content and toolkits. If you cancel participation in a seminar, you may reschedule for one other date with a $500 reschedule fee.

The cost of this program is $7,500. You can pay in 10 monthly installments of $750, or pay up front and save $150 ($7,350).

To get Certified with our ICF ACTP program via distance learning, click the payment option that is best for you:

Pay in Full and Save Pay in Convenient Monthly Installments

(Ready to register but have some questions? Call 941-539-9623. Also, by signing up you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to our terms and conditions)

Also, you attend our acclaimed in-person seminar to accelerate your training hours by 32 hours. Click here to learn more about our seminar option. The cost including the seminar and complete ICF ACTP program is $9,800 if you pay up front or ten monthly installments of $1,000.

To include our seminar with your ICF ACTP Certification program, click one of the payment options here:

Pay in Full and Save Pay in Convenient Monthly Installments

NOTE: If cash flow is an option, contact us and we can discuss additional options to meet your budget. We understand that many solopreneurs are on an “entrepreneurial budget” and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

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Yes... We are approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP).
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This program has been approved for (General) recertification credit hours toward PHR, SPHR and GPHR recertification through the HR Certification Institute. You can get up to 60 credit hours through our live training as you go through our program.

The use of this seal is not an endorsement by the HR Certification Institute of the quality of the program. It means that this program has met the HR Certification Institute's criteria to be pre-approved for recertification credit.

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I absolutely LOVE your program! You are one of the most brilliant Masters I have ever encountered. I think you are not even aware of how much value you provide... I spent time with Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Sir Richard Branson, Tamara Lowe, etc - you are unique!

- Helena Nyman, Success/Executive
Coach, Speaker & Author

Thanks for delivering what your marketing materials promise and exceeding my expectations ten-fold.

- Deborah Wear-Finkle, MD, MPA

This program fits my needs perfectly. If I had to choose again, I'd choose it again in a heartbeat. I highly recommend it.

- Kevin J. Devine, MPA

You consistently demonstrate a superior knowledge and understanding of B2B consulting, executive coaching, marketing, sales, and customer service. Your vast experience, ideas, integrity, and talent have been vital as we take our business to new horizons.

- Dick Powell

The program brings not only an incredible wealth of broad-based business experience to building effective executives, but one of the smartest and most strategic frameworks to ensure success among a variety of executive stakeholders.

- Suzanne Ross

The program is practical and straightforward, building on real-world leadership issues and challenges; and providing highly effective tools. Using a multi-dimensional training approach that includes group lectures, role playing, personalized one-on-one communication, self-authored books and DVDs, the program not only ensures that learning is effectively passed on but that it sticks like Velcro.

- Tristan B. De La Rosa

Andrew has a rare gift for distilling a clear, step-by-step approach that ensures outstanding achievements. I recommend his work for anyone interested in a streamlined, no nonsense approach to breakaway performance.

- Peter Meyers

I must say that your material is very good. I have purchased some of your competitors' products, but I find that your content is far more advanced.

- Michael Inglis

Andrew Neitlich's 'Elegant Strategy' is a simply powerful tool that is proving to be the cornerstone of my consulting business. The results I'm getting for my clients are epic! I have enormous respect and admiration for Andrew and his dynamic leadership style. You will not find a better mentor for your executive coaching practice with the pragmatic brilliance, integrity, and insight of Andrew Neitlich.

Lorinda Clausen, CEO
Clausen Consulting
Minneapolis, MN

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