The ugly truth about franchise support – and why you should get Certified as an Executive Coach with the Center for Executive Coaching

PLUS: Get our specialty designation with any of our regular certification programs at no extra cost – “Franchise Business Coach”

We have worked with franchises and franchises and – despite the hype – discovered that most franchises do not provide sufficient support for franchisee success. We have also seen wide variation in results among franchisees in the same system, despite similar training and systems. Ultimately, this situation hurts the franchise’s reputation in the market and slows its growth.

You can help.

If you work at the headquarters of a franchise, or want to consult to franchises and multi-unit retail chains, you should get Certified as an Executive and Business Coach with the Center for Executive Coaching.

We give you tools and methods to complement and go beyond what most franchises already offer their franchisees. We give you a proven system to coach franchisees to systematically improve results and succeed. Unlike other programs, we show you how to focus on business performance AND leadership competencies with your clients. That way, you help franchisees improve financial performance while also strengthening their leadership, developing future leaders, and building a culture of success.

PLUS: Now, in addition to our regular Certified Executive Coach designation, we are offering you a specialty designation, Certified Franchise Business Coach, included at no additional charge to you when you join any of our certification programs. We will work with you personally to develop competencies specific to franchises, master franchisees, and unit owners in order to earn this extra designation at your pace and convenience. Contact us at after reviewing your options below.

Almost every franchise needs great coaches, and you can make a huge difference.

Click any of the programs below to choose the option that is best for you. Take action now, while the opportunity is still available to you.

Executive and Leadership Coach Training and Certification Programs

Proven, in-depth coaching methodologies to set you apart no fluff or academic theory. Click any of the programs below to learn more about which option is best for you.


ICF designation

Get your ICF designation PLUS our practical methods and processes for ongoing success.


Get the Board Certified Coach certification with the Certified Executive Coach

If you have a Masters Degree or higher, this certification is likely for you. The process is much simpler than the ICF designation application process and is included with all of our options.


Get Certified via our In-Person Seminar

Our acclaimed 3.5 day Certification seminar leaves you inspired and ready to start coaching leaders, managers, professionals, and up-and-coming talent.


Get Certified via Distance Learning

If in doubt, start here. You get everything you need to bring maximum value to your clients and succeed as a coach — delivered in the most flexible way possible for your busy schedule.

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