Starter Kit: $897

Assume your revenues are $2500 – $4500 per participant, or insert your own figures (we do not make earnings claims and are using these numbers based on our own experience running these academies; please do your own research!)

8 participants X $2500/participant = $20,000
Gross Profit = $19,103 or 95.5%
ROI = 22.3 times your investment
(Play with the numbers at 12, 15, and 18 participants)

8 X $4500 = $36,000
Gross Profit = $35,103 or 97.5%
ROI = 40.1 times your investment
(Play with the numbers at 12, 15, and 18 participants)

To get your total income potential in a year, multiply the above numbers by how many classes you might run in a year. Be sure to play with the numbers based on up to 18 participants per class.

Also, there is another opportunity that can come up. For instance, suppose you have a client that wants hundreds of employees to participate in the program with their own internal trainers. In this case, we will provide the program content and train their facilitators (if you wish), while splitting the revenues from the materials with you. You earn significant revenues while the client rapidly implements a proven program. This gives you another opportunity to bring value to clients with the CEC High-Performance Coaching Academy.

Other programs will:

  • Charge thousands of dollars up front before letting you into their program.
  • Take 50% or more of total revenues, and use you as a contractor.

With this program, don’t you agree that the business model is simpler and much more favorable for you?

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