Center for Executive Coaching

Announcing Alliance with Summit Assessment Solutions (SAS) and Profiles International

There are many ways to assess a coaching client. During the assessment, it is crucial for the coach to present data from a variety of sources to make the case for change and provide insights. One way to do that is with a validated assessment. Unfortunately, many assessments are poorly validated and do not provide a robust, nuanced set of distinctions to help clients change.

The Center for Executive Coaching is therefore delighted to announce an alliance with Summit Assessment Solutions (SAS), a leading suite of assessment tools with Profiles International. Since 1991 Profiles has delivered over 45,000,000 assessments to 40,000 organizations in 122 countries. Over the last five year period (SAS) has conducted one of the largest studies of its kind by assessing over 1200 Executive & Business Coaches worldwide. The tools provide insights about where the professional stands on a bell curve in areas related to thinking styles, behavioral traits, and occupational interests. They include individual, 360 degree, and team assessments, and can be used to correlate a professional to top performers in a role.

Going forward, all members of The Center for Executive Coaching have the option of completing the ProfileXT Assessment and Executive Session with Mike Pacholek at no cost. The Executive Session will provide valuable insight that focuses on your core strengths – relationship with your clients and provide information on the Profiles System. Normally this would cost $750. Additionally, members can sign up at special rates to utilize this tool with their own clients, whether on their own or under The Center for Executive Coaching umbrella.

This is another way that Center for Executive Coaching members get practical, powerful tools to succeed in the coaching marketplace.


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