Coaching during times of pandemic, social unrest, and divisiveness

Enjoy this executive coaching certification webinar recording, which discusses:

  • The special situations coming up in executive and leadership coaching during our unique times
  • How to coach executives, leaders, and up-and-coming talent through their most pressing challenges
  • Seven different topics that seem to be coming up more than others, and how to coach clients on them
  • A sneak peak of the Center for Executive Coaching’s Executive Coaching Certification program, including our member area

If you are ready to take the next step towards becoming a Certified Executive Coach, our programs are for already-successful professionals with a passion for coaching others to greater success, and who want to take the next steps towards a life and career filled with freedom, flexibility, and significance. Join our next executive coaching certification seminar, or our distance/online certification program, any time.

Enjoy the video….

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