Certified Executive Coach Tony Mulkern — The power of focusing on where you get the most traction with clients

Tony Mulkern, like many Center for Executive Coaching alumni, has decades of experience as an executive. He has found that even though he can work with companies in any industry and also in the non-profit sector, he gets the most traction with leaders in companies that meet a specific set of criteria. His clients tend to be privately held, entrepreneurial, and usually in financial services and/or high tech. In this video he explains how his practice has evolved, and on the benefits of focusing on clients that make sense for your talents and interests. Be sure to stay until the end of the interview for his final two pieces of advice.

Tony is a great addition to our alumni. He has a great sense of humor, great passion for what he does, and is generous with his insights and advice for our newer members based on his extensive experience working with some great clients. Enjoy this video!

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