Curriculum for Your Coaching Skills for Managers and Leaders Program



    • Coaching Defined
    • When to Coach and When Not To
    • The Key Coaching Conversation and How to Master It
    • Examples of Bad Coaching
    • How to Make Sure Your Coaching Questions Are Powerful
    • When the Person You Are Coaching Wants Your Advice
    • What to Say When You Are Stuck
    • The Importance of Coachability
    • How to Bake Value into Every Coaching Conversation
    • The Appreciative Approach to Coaching
    • Coaching for Accountability
    • How to Switch Hats from a Coach to Another Role as a Manager
    • The Orientations of the Successful Coach
    • Coaching when You Have an Existing Book or Framework to Use
    • The One-Question Shift Exercise for Effective Coaching
    • Examples of Yes/No Questions that Can Get Results in Coaching Conversations

    • Create a Professional Development Plan
    • Accept and Implement Feedback and Advice More Readily
    • Propose Ideas vs. Dumping Problems In Your Lap
    • Evaluate an Idea Comprehensively
    • Explore Different Perspectives About an Idea or Challenge
    • Develop a More Effective Behavior or Eliminate a Behavioral Blind Spot
    • Generate the Most Effective Attitude for the Situation
    • Prepare for a High-Stakes Conversation
    • Develop Communication Style Flexibility
    • Prepare for the Big Presentation
    • Delegate More Effectively
    • Resolve a Conflict
    • Improve Employee Engagement and Motivation
    • Handle Overwhelm, Especially about Time & Priorities Management
    • Strengthen Professional Relationships Up, Down, Across, and Outside the Organization
    • Manage Up and Get Visible with Senior Leadership
    • Achieve Success in a New Role
    • Get Broad Buy-In for an Idea
    • Create a High-Performing Team
    • Lead Change
    • Improve Collaboration with People in Other Units Throughout the Organization
    • Manage Meetings Better

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