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The Center for Executive Coaching is known for its results-driven coaching solutions, methodologies and toolkits. But what if you don’t want to go through an executive coach training and certification program and only want the executive coaching solutions, methods and tools?
Now you can get access to over two dozen executive coaching solutions and tools, including instructions via webinar and email support directly from Founder Andrew Neitlich, so that you have instant access to new solutions to offer your clients. With this program, you receive practical coaching methodologies to the most pressing problems that leaders, executives, managers, entrepreneurs, teams, and up-and-coming leaders face. You can deliver these in a variety of formats: one-on-one coaching, group coaching, training, seminars, facilitated sessions, and as hybrid solutions. Your program shows you how. It even includes marketing templates so that you know how to market the content.

What is a coaching solution?

These coaching solutions give you the most efficient and effective pathways to getting results for clients and help them with their most pressing challenges as leaders and managers. Instead of winging it when a client has a problem, you get a methodology to follow that helps you know the conversations to have for the fastest path to insights, accountability, and action towards improved performance.
That way, you come across as a credible professional with a proven approach.
These coaching solutions are not scripts or a paint-by-numbers system, although they are easy to follow and have an impact. A good metaphor is a river system. You learn the areas of inquiry needed to effectively explore an issue with a client and help him or her have powerful insights. You explore all of the tributaries of the river system, while other coaches have to hope that they are being thorough.
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Enjoy ongoing benefits when you have a suite of proven coaching solutions and methods.

These coaching solutions are incredibly powerful and give you ongoing benefits:
We realize that many coaches are uncomfortable talking about money. Nevertheless, at a recent Center for Executive Coaching reunion, our graduates discussed the difference our coaching solutions and tools have had on their practice and revenues. Coach after coach reported the types of clients and engagements that they were able to win.
Dozens of coaches shared that they had increased their average engagement fee to $20,000 per client for a six-month engagement.
These coaches also shared that they were keeping clients longer, because they could help clients with their most pressing problems.
One coach shared that for his very first engagement after completing the program, he secured a $250,000 contract.
A team of two coaches had been working with a regional bank on an engagement worth $1.5 million over three years.
Another coach was already hiring additional coaches because her practice was growing too quickly for her to handle the work.
A coach to the U.S. Department of Defense landed a multi-million-dollar contract to coach military leaders, and was recruiting coaches to assist in this project.
Each of our coaching solutions includes an executive summary, in-depth description of the solution including additional areas of inquiry and powerful coaching questions, alternative delivery method so that you can also include facilitation and training when appropriate, and instructional videos. You also receive a one-page summary of key coaching areas of inquiry and powerful questions.
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Read what coaches are saying about how our suite of coaching solutions has helped them have more impact with their clients while helping their practice grow and giving them more confidence

When you register, you get access to a members area that includes the coaching solutions, along with video webinars that take you through how to implement each one in your practice. There are over 1,000 pages of materials in your program, along with over 60 hours of video instruction. In other words, you have an ongoing library of just-in-time resources that will set you apart as a coach.
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Coaching Pop Quiz: Are you ready when a client says

With our coaching solutions, you are ready to help your clients when they raise specific issues, and you can tell them you have a proven methodology to get them results. Would you be in a position to help a client – with a five-figure engagement and six-month (minimum) coaching contract if he or she said to you:
With our proven executive coaching solutions, you are ready to help clients with their biggest issues. You have a ready-made framework. That way, you keep clients much longer than most coaches, stand apart from the crowd, get rave reviews and referrals more easily, and can charge higher fees.
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The modules include coaching clients on the following topics (click any of these topics to get more details):

Get our “old school,” simple but powerful process to complete a 360-degree verbal assessment and present it to clients in a way that they will accept. This assessment leads naturally into developing an individual development plan and coaching plan, and is part of what we call “nowhere to hide coaching.”
Our behavioral coaching process is grounded in cognitive psychology. It helps you and the client identify a key habit to improve performance, and make that habit stick with research-based tactics. This is a critical solution for clients that might be top performers, but have some sort of disruptive behavior or blind spot (e.g., the “brilliant jerk.”). It is also a great approach when coaching a leader to find that one behavior that will have the biggest impact on their performance, and make that change in a measurable and sustainable way.
Help clients shift limiting perceptions with this powerful solution set. As Marshall Goldsmith writes, “What got you here won’t get you there.” This methodology takes perceptions that might have helped your client achieve success – but are holding him or her back from further advancement – and shift them to more positive beliefs. Then it shows you how to make these new perceptions and associated behaviors a habit.
This proven coaching methodology has been proven statistically to improve engagement scores in organizations. It leads you through a process that helps managers and executives become better leaders who authentically engage their teams. It is a step-by-step process that you can use for coaching, seminars, and organizational development initiatives. EVERY coach should have a process like this, because engagement is a billion-dollar problem in every country.
Help your clients improve their visibility with and relationships with their direct manager and senior leadership. This methodology helps clients understand their managers and develop plans to improve alignment, performance, reputation, and ability to get more done. It emphasizes performance as well as alignment of communication and leadership styles.
Our network of professional relationships are one of our most important assets. Unfortunately, many clients don’t take enough time to consciously and systematically improve their powerbase. This coaching solution gives you a coaching methodology to solve this problem. It goes beyond traditional networking methodologies because it emphasizes who the client wants to be in the future, who needs to know them, and how they can start showing up as the leader they need to be to attract that level of relationship.
Communication is much more than one’s ability to deliver a speech to a group. This coaching methodology includes a variety of coaching distinctions and approaches so that you clients improve the key messages they send all the time as a leader. It covers everything from public speaking to modeling the culture of the organization. This is a profound approach to communication.
This coaching methodology is one of our most powerful. You can help clients achieve their goals with informal rather than formal influence, balancing ego, results, and relationships with each and every interaction. This is a life- and career-changing methodology. It shows you how to have successful, one-on-one, high-stakes conversations, and a companion methodology shows how to coach your client to get their ideas accepted throughout an organization.
Team coaching is a growth area in coaching, and our methodology has been proven to get results with teams of all sizes in all different types of organizations. It is simple, elegant, and extremely powerful. For instance, it was used successfully to improve teamwork during a $80 million National Science Foundation-funded program that included tenured faculty from 11 universities. It goes into great depth about the best practices in building a team. This is not a toolkit that lists five simple issues with teams, but rather a detailed approach to improving team performance.
This is the “mother of all coaching engagements” and our coaching solution makes it easy for you to work with senior leadership to help them change their cultures. It is a proven approach for coaches and clients who want to make authentic culture change. This toolkit takes the fuzziness out of the term culture and focuses on performance, key habits, and a process to get the whole organization aligned and moving in the same direction.
You get a coaching process to coach a client to resolve a conflict with another colleague, as well as a methodology to coach clients that — for whatever reason — seem to have lots of conflicts on their teams or among their employees. Every coach should have a methodology like this in their toolkits, because it comes up quite often.
Many leaders and managers have a “ready-fire-aim” mentality. With this toolkit you give clients a way to think comprehensively about their issues. It includes some of the most used analytical tools. You can also use this yourself to create your own frameworks and valuable intellectual property. 14 pages plus webinar.
This one-page dashboard helps your clients handle overwhelm and get focused and grounded on the issues and priorities that matter most. It is a versatile tool that can serve as an executive development plan, mini-strategic plan, a way to help your clients manage priorities and their energy, and an alignment and accountability tool.
This coaching solution provides a comprehensive approach to helping your clients get control of time, set boundaries, and design their optimal day and week. It has a step-by-step approach based on data to help your clients become more aware of how they spend their time, make more strategic use of their time, and put new habits in place to be more fulfilled and productive.
If you coach clients on advancing their careers and career transitions, then this coaching solution gives you an innovative way for your clients to set goals for their careers, determine the optimal career path, take action to fulfill their aspirations, and succeed. It simplifies the career planning process with an actionable plan and high-impact distinctions about career success.
Many managers and leaders make big mistakes during their first 90 days in a new role. Be sure you are well-equipped to coach your clients to succeed, with these seven must-cover areas of inquiry so that the client increases their chances of success.
This coaching solution gives you a practical approach to helping clients with the one aspect of mergers that most leaders forget: handling cultural issues between two different merging organizations. The methodology starts with assessments about whether a merger makes sense and then lays out a coaching plan to help clients deal with the changes and new cultures. It has been used effectively on both large-scale and smaller mergers.
With this coaching solution you help your clients assess their board of directors, improve the board’s awareness of what it means to be an effective board, get clear on their roles, and recruit the right people to the board to take the organization to new levels. Includes areas of inquiry related to diversity and inclusion, which is a critical topic among boards today.
This coaching methodology helps your clients to think about how to break down silos in their organizations, and get leaders from different units working better together. It also helps clients think about potential collaborations outside the organization, and how to form a win-win collaboration. Perfect for complex organizations.
Whether you coach executives, managers, or entrepreneurs, one’s personal brand is more important than ever. This solutions gives you a methodology to help clients assess and then improve their personal brand so that they stand out and so that people associate them with unique value. This is also a great tool for you as a coach to identify a brand for your coaching practice.
Service remains an issue for many organizations. This coaching solution and methodology helps you coach clients to provide excellent, consistent service. It focuses on changing culture to focus on the customer and on service first, as well as on the best practices in creating service excellence, Can be used as a lucrative workshop and facilitated retreat as well.
This is a must-have toolkit. This 3-part strategic planning framework has been used with small and large clients, and can be very lucrative. Unlike other approaches to strategy, this toolkit covers everything required to go from big-picture strategic questions to implementation. Give your clients a clear approach to strategic planning that leads to action and results.
Succession planning is becoming an urgent priority for most organizations as more and more baby boomers retire. This framework helps you coach clients to make succession planning a part of the company’s culture, and not just a one-time event. Coaches have used this toolkit in organizations ranging from non-profits to professional service firms, technology companies, manufacturers, and healthcare systems.
Some organizations, and some managers, struggle to get things done. This toolkit isolates the best practices in leaders and organizations that get things done, so that you can assess clients, help them be more aware of what stands in their way, and then take action to accelerate key projects and change initiatives.
This simple toolkit helps you work with clients when they have challenges outside of work that might be causing distractions inside of work. You can help them find that optimal work-life blend with this toolkit, and address issues outside of work to have more focus, energy, and fulfillment. Includes a “personal recharge retreat” that you can offer to your clients, and that has won rave reviews.
There are actually four coaching solutions that form a business coaching perspective: helping clients clarify and improve their business model, tactics to improve the business, getting leverage as a CEO instead of being chained to the business, and marketing foundation and strategy for businesses. Every coach should speak the language of their clients and help clients improve their business. Interesting fact: Clients at non-profit organizations and large companies have appreciated the way that these solutions help them get to the heart of what drives their business and focus. It’s not just for the small, growing business!
Coaching through change is one of the biggest reasons that leaders hire coaches. This toolkit was developed after proven success helping complex, large organizations navigate significant performance improvement and turnarounds.
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Your Return on Investment (ROI) is easy to calculate:

Content is customized to your needs and can include:
Any single coaching solution has been proven to result in up to 5-figure engagements. You can also turn the content into seminars and workshops.
What would be the value to you of extending your typical client relationship by six more months?
What would be the value of having an easier way to attract more new clients, based on marketing your solutions, substance, and value? Or, what would be the value of adding just one more client to your client roster?
What would be the value of having practical, results-driven solutions that help you stand out from other coaches and advisors?
Coaches from around the world, both new and experienced, have found that only one more engagement or extension with a client easily pays for this program.

Get the entire suite of 27 Executive Coaching Solutions now – and enjoy THREE additional bonuses to help your practice…

You can get the entire coaching toolkit and have an amazingly powerful set of resources at your disposal.

You receive:

Content is customized to your needs and can include:
We will train your consultants in the way that suits your organization best. Options include:
All 27 solutions that you can download in PDF form. When you add everything up, you receive over 1,000 pages of content. This is as robust a library of coaching solutions as you will ever experience.
A suite of alternative delivery solutions so that you can also offer the content to clients as trainings, speeches, and facilitated sessions. The most successful coaches we know do not only coach. They also train, speak, and facilitate – and we prepare you to offer this support if that is something you want to do.
Training webinars explaining how to use each solution, often including coaching demonstrations. These videos are already in your member area, so that you can access all of them immediately when you join. Thereafter, you have a just-in-time library of resources ready to help your clients anytime. There are over 60 videos for you to review at your pace and convenience – or access them just-in-time based on client needs.
Everything is organized in your exclusive member area. You have ongoing access.
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In addition, we are offering the following three bonuses for a very limited time:

BONUS ONE: A live strategy session to strengthen your practice.

After you review the materials a bit in your member area, schedule a half-hour coaching session about how to take your practice to the next level. Discuss the best ways to integrate the toolkits into your practice, or anything at all about attracting clients and building your practice. This call has the potential to give you new, powerful, insights about new ways to grow your practice.

BONUS TWO: Receive ONE FULL YEAR of email support directly from the developer of your coaching solutions.

Receive email support anytime you have questions or wish to discuss application of the tools to your practice. We will respond to your email within one business day. The Center for Executive Coaching has developed an amazing reputation for the fast support we provide, and you will feel like you have a support desk with the industry’s leading executive coaches there to help you.

BONUS THREE: You get exclusive access to the acclaimed Center for Executive Coaching Marketing Vault.

Get access to our marketing vault, which takes you through everything you need to do to develop your practice and set yourself apart as the go-to professional in your market. No other business development support system comes close, and you get it at no extra cost when you register for our coaching solutions. It includes a series of recorded webinars focused on business development, including marketing templates to attract clients, proposal templates, pricing strategies, and guidance on getting visible and having conversations that close engagements. It also includes samples of marketing collateral to use with clients to build your practice. Most recently, we have added a series of modules for coaches who want to develop online programs, and a series of modules focused on online marketing. You won’t find a more in-depth resource for building your practice. Coaches have paid over $2,500 for this content, and it is included as a complimentary bonus in your program.
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Here is a list and description of the Coaching Solutions you receive:

Each of these Coaching Solutions includes video instruction, a PDF instructional guide, and often an accompanying slide deck that you can adapt as a training and facilitation guide. A single Coaching Solution can be worth thousands of dollars in additional revenue, or even a full practice. And you get all of them!

    • 360-Degree Verbal Assessment. Learn the best-practice approach to getting critical information about the impact your client has on others, and how they can be even better.

    • The Leader’s Dashboard. This simple, powerful tool helps leaders get grounded in and focused on what matters most to their success and the success of their organization. It is an executive-level development plan and has been used in hundreds of organizations worldwide.

    • Behavioral Coaching. Help clients find that one behavior that will have the biggest impact on their success, and make it a habit. Developed based on proven research from cognitive behavioral psychology.

    • Perceptual Coaching and the Inner Game. Great coaches help clients shift limiting beliefs and generate the attitudes needed for success. This Coaching Solution shows you how.

    • Communicate Simply and Powerfully. Help clients have maximum impact and communication flexibility.

    • Influence Conversation Flexibility & Impact. One of the most valuable services an executive coach can offer is to help clients prepare effectively for high-stakes influence conversations. This Coaching Solution shows you a best-practice approach for helping clients plan and practice for maximum results.

    • Overcoming Overwhelm via Time & Priority Management. Overwhelm is a huge coaching topic today. This Coaching Solution prepares you to help your clients address overwhelm and use their time in the most productive and strategic way.

    • Leadership/Executive Presence. Leadership presence can mean many things, depending on your client and their organization. Be prepared with how to go from the general “Develop leadership presence” to specifics that improve performance.

    • Coaching on the Personal Domains. Executive and leaders at all levels struggle with work-life flow. Also, distractions outside of work can influence performance at work. This Coaching Solution has tools and methods to help clients find balance.

    • Helping Client Improve Their Network of Professional Relationships. Coaching is often about relationships up, down, across, and outside the organization. Now you are prepared to help clients become aware of the quality of their professional relationships and improve them with a systematic approach.

    • Engage Employees. Coach clients to improve engagement. This Coaching Solutions has been tested with a controlled study and been proven statistically to improve employee engagement – within units and across an organization.

    • Resolve Unproductive Conflict. Coach clients to resolve conflicts they have and reduce conflict among their team members.

    • Team Coaching. Based on twenty years of working with teams, you learn a straightforward, practical, and highly effective way to coach team leaders and team members to improve team performance. Many of our alumni have paid thousands for programs on Team Coaching only to come back and tell us that our Coaching Solution was more practical and focused on real client needs.

    • Strategic Planning. Coaching is now an accepted way to help clients plan and execute strategy. Our 3-part approach has been used in organizations of all sizes – at much less cost and without being invasive compared to consulting firms. It is an eye opener to see how powerful coaching can be when helping with strategy. In fact, one of our alumni won a massive strategic planning engagement with a Fortune 50 company – beating out some of the largest management consulting firms in the world using this methodology!

    • Coaching Clients to Lead Change. Change is a fruitful area for executive coaching. Get the best practices and a complete methodology for what can prove to be 12- 24 month engagements.

    • Succession Planning. Help clients develop a pipeline of leaders and make succession planning and leadership development part of the fabric of their organization.

    • Service Excellence. Coach clients to make measurable improvements in customer service and loyalty.

    • Mergers are often a disaster because leaders fail to consider the cultural and people-related issues with the merger. This Coaching Solution shows you how to help clients avoid the landmines that are often missed and help people move forward during the stress and uncertainty that a merger can create.

    • Board Development. Working with non-profit and for-profit boards is lucrative and rewarding. This Coaching Solution has been used with Boards of organizations of all sizes to help Board members be more accountable, come together as a team, and clarify roles and responsibilities.

    • High-Performance Culture. This single Coaching Solution can transform an organization. You learn a key metaphor and approach for helping clients navigate culture change and create the culture they want to see. Unlike other approaches, this Coaching Solution focuses on specific new behaviors and performance metrics at all levels of the organization – going far beyond the more superficial approaches to culture change.

    • Execute Effectively. “Why can’t we execute?” When you hear this from a client, you will be equipped to help them answer that question and create an organization that can finally identify the right priorities and get them done.

    • Coaching for Career Success Bundle. You get a complete bundle of coaching solutions to coach clients in career transition. This includes our acclaimed “instant career plan,” personal branding toolkit, and success in a new role toolkit. We also provide you with an overview of how to position career planning most effectively as an executive and leadership coach, along with coaching demonstrations of career coaching in action.

    • Coaching the Growing Business Bundle. Our CASTLE Model for Business Growth shows you a clear process and methodology to coach business owners to grow their businesses and strengthen them in preparation of investors or exit. This Coaching Solution includes an assessment of the strength of the business, coaching to keep the client accountable for setting and achieving goals, tactics to grow the business, strategies so that your client doesn’t feel chained to the business, and strategic planning for the smaller business. These solutions dovetail with the rest of our Coaching Solutions so that you can help your clients become better leaders and build strong teams.

    • Think Comprehensively About Issues. This Coaching Solutions gives you approaches to be sure that your clients are considering their challenges with strong critical thinking skills and a comprehensive approach. We also include a process for you to use this content to create your own frameworks and establish yourself as a true expert with your own intellectual capital.

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Coaching Methods, Tools, and Distinctions

Please note: This video is about 20 minutes and gives a high-level overview so you see what are solutions are all about. The actual solution includes three one-hour instructions webinars with demonstrations

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Pay Up Front or In Convenient Monthly Installments

Your investment including all extras is $2,450 if you pay up front or you can pay in 5 convenient monthly installments of $500. Note that we allow you to put your logo on these toolkits and even adapt them so long as you include the text at the bottom, “Adapted with permission by the Center for Executive Coaching.” The only restrictions are that: 1. You may not use these toolkits to train other coaches (that is our job); and 2. You may not use them as part of a mass giveaway or mass-marketed online membership program where you do not have a direct coaching relationship with the members; they are for use in traditional one-on-one or small group coaching relationships.
Please keep in mind that a single client engagement more than pays back your investment.
Click the button below to choose your payment option and register. Please allow one business day for us to set you up in your member area and send you a formal email welcoming you to the program and with instructions so that you can get started. From there, we are here to support you anytime.
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“The Three Keys to Success for Coaching Executives, Leaders, Managers, Up-and-Coming Talent, and Business Owners.”

  • Discover what sets the top 5% of coaches apart.
  • Learn the 7 orientations of the successful coach.
  • Get insights about the 3 domains of coaching, and which one matters most.
  • Plus: Key questions to ask when you select a coach training program.
  • PLUS: Get invitations to our complimentary monthly webinars along with helpful articles and best-practice coaching resources

In addition, get invitations to our frequent webinars, new articles, and surveys about the coaching industry.