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  1. Strategic Planning. Strategic planning is one of the flagship solutions in this program. You can facilitate any number of formats with clients, whether a series of meetings or a single meeting, to help them get clarity about their strategy, set priorities, and develop a plan to make sure the organization is aligned and ready to execute the plan. The Center for Executive Coaching’s proprietary 3-part strategic planning process is a simple but powerful approach to planning strategy. Our members have used it as internal and external facilitators. External facilitators have charged anywhere between $7,500 up to $60,000 for this program, depending on the length and depth of the engagement. This program usually leads to coaching work so that you can help the client execute.

  2. Accelerate Change. Leaders often face challenges when driving change. During this time, they find value in bringing together their executive or leadership team to discuss issues and develop a plan to resolve them. In our solution, you can facilitate sessions to kick off a change initiative, and then stay involved throughout the process to help the leadership team track progress and resolve issues. This solution leaves you with many opportunities to coach members of the executive team in between and after your facilitated sessions.

  3. Change the Culture. Culture change initiatives give you amazing opportunities to have impact with your clients. In this program you receive and learn a powerful facilitated solution to enable your clients to get clear on the culture they want and then make it happen. What sets this solution apart is that it shifts the term “culture” from a potentially vague and fuzzy term to much more specific performance, behaviors, and habits that your clients want to see in the organization. It also usually leads to one-on-one coaching with the executive team and, often, the members of their teams. This is one incredibly powerful solution if you want to experience how much impact you can really have with clients.

  4. Improve Team Effectiveness. This solution gives you a variety of tools to lead retreats with teams – whether at the beginning, middle, or end of their work – to help them discuss issues, resolve challenges, create new commitments, and be more effective. For example, coaches often use this solution after working one-on-one with an executive who invites the coach to participate in helping his executive team be more effective while helping to advance strategic initiatives.

  5. Quick Business Plan. If you work with smaller businesses, you will love this solution. It allows you to offer retreats – whether with single clients or a public workshop with multiple small business owners – to help them set goals and develop tactics to achieve their goals. In turn, this event easily leads to ongoing coaching.

  6. Engage Employees. Employee engagement continues to be a multi-billion dollar problem worldwide, as the annual Gallup employee engagement surveys show. This solution has two parts. First, it gives you an agenda to work with executive teams to help them develop a strategy to improve engagement. Second, you receive and can use a training/facilitation program for managers in organizations so that they create action plans to improve engagement in their units. The management piece alone has led to training and facilitation programs worth $25,000 and up.

  7. Succession Planning. Succession planning is a big issue in organizations, yet few executive teams have a structured approach to think systematically about succession and leadership development. In this program, you receive a solution that lets you facilitate your clients through a proven process for thinking about succession planning and then committing to strategies and a clear action plan to develop future leaders.

  8. Create a Culture of Service Excellence. Every week it seems we read about a new business that has done that defies common sense when it comes to poor customer service – whether airlines, auto makers, restaurants, hospitals, or government. Fortunately, organizations are focusing on improving service. This solution gives you a model to facilitate meetings with your clients to help them become more aware of their service and develop plans to improve their customers’ experience across the board.

  9. Mission, Vision, Values. Most coaches and leadership advisors can lead clients through an exercise to come up with their mission, vision, and values. However, sometimes those exercises are convoluted and take too much time. This solution gives you a simple, efficient way to work with clients on identifying their mission, vision, and values – without the usual hand wringing and back and forth.

  10. Board Development. Many non-profit boards do not operate effectively or efficiently and are willing to pay for help. This solution gives you a methodology to help them assess their strengths and opportunities to improve, and then commit to action. It can transform an organization!

  11. Facilitate Influence Conversations and Campaigns. You receive two solutions in one. The first helps your clients plan for times when they have to influence a single person. The second helps your clients when they have to influence a larger group. This solution is essential for clients who are leading change initiatives, as well as clients who are working on high stakes issues.
    1. Plan a High-Stakes Influence Conversation. This solution lets you guide clients through a step-by-step process to influence another person that an idea makes sense.
    2. Plan a Campaign to Get Organizational Buy-In for an Idea. Here, you can help your client identify stakeholders in an idea, and think through the politics of making the idea happen.

  12. Resolve Conflict. This solution gives you a process to help clients when they are facing a conflict. You can help them put personal agendas and issues aside and come up with a workable strategy to get results rather than digging their heels in based on pride or the need to be right.

  13. Scenario Planning. This solution allows you to help clients think about different possible scenarios that might have an impact on their organizations. What if the economy is strong? What if it is weak? What if a disruptive technology emerges? What happens if climate change accelerates faster than expected? What happens if interest rates go up or stay flat? You can help clients choose the most important possibilities for them, and then lead them through the best ways to prepare. This solution often works well as part of strategic planning, and can be a great standalone session, too.

  14. Personal Recharge Retreat. Executives in both the for-profit and non-profit world sometimes want to take time out to recharge and look at the bigger picture. They want to think about their overall mission, career, and life. This solution gives you a methodology to facilitate potentially life-changing retreats for your clients. For instance, one coach used this solution to create an amazing weekend retreat for a group of 10 non-profit executive directors to help them recharge and get back in touch with their personal mission for the work they were doing. It made a huge difference.

  15. Time/Overwhelm. Help professionals think strategically about their time. This is not a typical time management workshop. You will facilitate a meeting in which participants assess their use of time, design their ideal week/day, and make commitments and changes to create their most productive use of time. As a result of this solution, participants become much more strategic and effective in their use of time. They function in ways that are much more aligned with their role, and are more productive and balanced. C-suite executives find new ways to function at their highest levels. Up-and-coming leaders discover what it will take to get to the next level of leadership. Participants as a whole learn how to find better work-life balance and flow. This solution can give participants their lives back!

  16. Career planning. This solution helps high-end professionals plan their careers. They identify their talents, unique edge compared to others, optimal career tracks, and how best to get their. This is a fantastic solution to offer to set you up for career coaching, to offer to university graduates, or to offer to up-and-coming leaders in organizations to help them plan their next steps as leaders.

  17. Branding. Work with a leadership team to help them develop or improve their personal brands or the brand of their organization. Includes understanding what makes a great brand, assessing the brand, defining the brand’s promise, different forms of messaging, images, taglines, and making sure that the service/operating model backs up the brand’s promise. This is an incredibly powerful solution to help your client stand out in a competitive market.

Any single one of these can more than pay back your investment in this program, and provide ongoing value to you.

PLUS: We have an additional webinar about the keys to being a great facilitator and, for those who haven’t had training in it, how to lead brainstorming and idea generation sessions.

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