Get Certified as a Healthcare Leadership Coach with the Center for Executive Coaching and make a difference in an industry that desperately needs it

Built on a foundation of over 20 years of experience with healthcare leaders.

You will have an unfair advantage with this proven program to coach healthcare leaders through their most pressing challenges and get significant results.

Health care is the most difficult, chaotic, and complex industry to manage today.”

– Peter Drucker

If you are involved with healthcare organizations, you certainly don’t need us to tell you about the massive challenges that leaders in healthcare face, and the list keeps growing. As one CEO of a prominent healthcare system shared with us, “Healthcare is in a mess, and it gets worse every day.”

For this reason, demand continues to grow for coaching healthcare leaders and up-and-coming talent through these challenges. You can meet the rising demand by getting certified with the Center for Executive Coaching’s Healthcare Leadership Coach Training and Certification Program.

“We have more than a dozen Six-Sigma Black Belts in our system who can analyze things to the fifth decimal point, but no one could get anything done. Your program and approach was the missing piece we needed.” CEO, Southeastern USA healthcare system

Following are the details….

Prerequisite: The mission of this program is to create a cohort of the top healthcare coaching professionals in the field — whether you are/want to be an external coach, internal coach, or a healthcare leader using coaching skills to improve results. Therefore, this program is only open to seasoned healthcare clinicians, leaders, managers, and consultants with significant healthcare expertise and experience. Contact us if you have any questions about whether you meet this requirement.

Enjoy a video about the program, why it is so important NOW, including three case studies about healthcare leadership coaching — and also get a sneak peak of your member area when you join (Good news — registration is still open and we will extend the bonuses mentioned in the video while this video remains up on this web page):

The benefits you receive when you join the program include:

  • Make a massive difference in an industry that desperately needs the kind of support that leadership coaches can offer. Our healthcare leadership coach training program will put you on the path to success.
  • Equip yourself with processes and methods to address the specific challenges that healthcare leaders face, and help them achieve success for their teams, for their organization and the communities/patients they serve, and in their own careers. You can put these to work IMMEDIATELY when you join the program,
  • Stand out as a leading professional in the healthcare leadership and executive coaching space. Essentially, you gain an unfair advantage with the content and your fellow cohort members.
  • Join an exclusive network of top healthcare professionals for sharing ideas, supporting one another and forming alliances to serve clients.
  • Enjoy personalized one-on-one support whenever needed.
  • Join anytime. We will welcome you to a cohort of fantastic like-minded professionals and get you started.
  • Convenient: Learn at your own pace via your member area and/or join live monthly 90-minute webinars to review the content and network with your cohort.
  • For external coaches: Be equipped with the tools and methods needed to set yourself apart and serve clients in the healthcare space.
  • For internal coaches and leaders: Have measurable impact on your organization’s strategic initiatives, performance, and culture — and your own career.

Here are other advantages that the Healthcare Leadership Coach Training and Certification Program offer you:

  • Practical, applied, and focused on achieving measurable results for healthcare leaders to succeed.
  • Grounded in over two decades of experience working with leaders in top-tier healthcare organizations.
  • Proven tools and methods. For instance, our Engage Employees coaching methodology has been shown to statistically improve employee engagement scores at health systems.
  • Limited to only seasoned, experienced professionals in the healthcare field.
  • Led by the Center for Executive Coaching, a leading ICF- accredited executive and leadership coach training organization.

Here is exactly what you receive when you join:

  • You receive and learn coaching methodologies to coach healthcare leaders through their most pressing challenges. You can use these immediately to have impact with your clients and they include:
    • Enabling the disruptive physician to have more effective behaviors;
    • Grooming a nurse manager for an executive position;
    • Helping leaders of a stalled change initiative to get on track;
    • Enabling a successful performance improvement initiative;
    • Coaching clients to have an effective high-stakes/influence conversation;
    • Supporting the new physician administrator to succeed in a new role;
    • Resolving conflict;
    • Engaging employees;
    • Handling overwhelm/juggling too many priorities;
    • Developing the nurse manager through coaching (including a detailed competency assessment that has been proven to help nurse managers improve their leadership); and
    • Coaching high-potential leaders in a healthcare setting.
  • You become part of a cohort of leading professionals committed to making healthcare better through our Healthcare Leadership Coach Training program.
  • Monthly live 90-minute virtual Mastermind Group meetings, facilitated by Center for Executive Coaching faculty, that allow you and your cohort to discuss case studies and practice coaching, form alliances, and support one another – including via small breakout sessions. You connect with a powerful group of like-minded professionals, and so the opportunities are enormous. (Note: We already have some great case studies lined up by top coaches in the field).
  • Self-paced video instruction, transcripts of the videos, and slide decks walking you through each coaching situation and methodology in step-by-step fashion.
  • Contact us anytime for questions and support, including real-time coaching situations that you face.
  • Member area with instant, ongoing access to the content.
  • Slide deck with step-by-step guides to the healthcare leadership coaching methods (360 pages)
  • Our proprietary 423-page Center for Executive Coaching textbook, “The Way to Coach Executives, Leaders, and Managers. With this content and the healthcare focus, you have an unmatched set of methods, processes, and solutions to bring to your clients.
  • Certification as a Certified Healthcare Leadership Coach with the Center for Executive Coaching.
  • Join our members-only LinkedIn Group to network and form alliances. This is in addition to monthly live webinars to review coaching cases and interact with your cohort.
  • Special bonus on request: You receive a best-in-class, highly validated and reliable leadership assessment — proven to get results in healthcare settings — to take for yourself to see how data can make a big difference in coaching healthcare leaders, as well as how to use data as part of your coaching.


Tuition is $2,500, although we expect to increase tuition to $4,500 once we fill our current cohort. You can pay up front and save $50, or pay in five convenient monthly installments of $500 each. For external coaches, a single engagement using just one of the methodologies in this program will more than pay back your investment. For internal coaches and leaders, your return will be achieved through the measurable, positive impact you have on your organization’s strategic initiatives, improved quality and productivity outcomes, culture — and on your own career development and advancement.

The Certification Process:

You have two options to receive our certification and can do one or both:

  • Option One: Write up a 5-7 page case study showing how you will use coaching to help healthcare leaders and their organizations to be more successful. This option results in an important benefit for you: You create valuable intellectual capital that you can convert to articles, videos, speeches and even the foundation for a training program or book if you want. That way, you set yourself apart as a true expert. We support work with you throughout this process, to support your success.
  • Option Two: Submit three recordings of you coaching a healthcare leader about a significant leadership issue they face. We provide detailed feedback to help you be an even better coach.

What happens as soon as you register:

  1. You receive immediate access to your member area, and can begin reviewing the content immediately.
  2. We schedule an orientation call to make sure you are set to get maximum value from the program.
  3. You can join the exclusive members only LinkedIn Group to start networking with like-minded colleagues.
  4. Join our live monthly webinars, which are also recorded in case you have to miss any.
  5. Get support anytime, directly from Founder Andrew Neitlich.

If you would like to receive an ICF designation, we can credit a significant portion of your tuition towards that program. In other words, it’s a great opportunity to do BOTH while saving money! Contact us for details here:
Telephone: 941-539-9623

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