NOTE: As of 2022 the Center for Executive Coaching is now accredited with the ICF as a Level 2 Coach Training Organization. The ICF has changed their language and replaced ACTP with Level 2. We were among the first group of coach training programs to receive this accreditation, after a rigorous review by the ICF.

Helping clients to engage and mobilize their employees

One of our most popular coach training modules is called "Engage and Mobilize Employees." In this article, I will give you a quick overview of how it is set up. That way, you can determine whether the content in our program might be valuable to you or not.

In this module (one of dozens), we teach a 6-step process to work with executives and managers in depth to help them fully understand each member of their team as individual, tap into their unique aspirations and style, set the right tone, make sure performance expectations are clear, help them develop employees and help them achieve their career goals, give them the support and resources they need, and help to fully and engage them in the right way for their style and talents.

As described so far, this process is usually very valuable and illuminating for our clients. However, we go even deeper. At some point, we as coaches must ask our clients a tough question: “Have you earned the right to lead?”

This question opens up some great coaching opportunities. Now we can start to have insights about how others perceive his or her credibility, competence, commitment, and character. We can introduce some additional assessment tools and
learn a ton about the client’s true impact (which, as you know, often differs from his or her intent).   

We can also get into powerful coaching about leadership communication and presence, by discovering the messages the client sends to his (or her) team — beyond what he says.

This includes:
– with whom he spends his time and resources;
– how he rewards failure and success;
– the way he carries himself;
– how he reacts under pressure;
– when he gives up;
– whether his actions match his words and stated values; and
– messages he sends about how things really get done and what really matters.

We also help the client get clear on — and reframe — any limiting beliefs about trust, success, conflict, getting credit, risk, making decisions without perfect information, building relationships while balancing results, need to look good, and status – all of which can have an impact on engaging and mobilizing others.

From here, the process can move into a variety of important areas, including behavioral coaching to remove a behavioral blindspot the client might have; coaching to create a high-performance culture; and additional work on influence and leadership communication & presence.

When you join The Center for Executive Coaching, you get interactive toolkits to help you walk your clients through all of the above issues, as well as best practices in leadership and management. That way, your clients discover powerful insights
about improvements they can make to be more effective. “Engaging and Mobilizing Employees” is only one such
toolkit and area we explore with clients. You can use it as a standalone coaching program, weave it into a more comprehensive leadership and talent management coaching process, or consider it a tool that you bring out when appropriate with a client.

If you are a coach, consultant, trainer, speaker, or professional who wants to deepen your tools; if you are an executive or leader looking for an encore career; or if you are a therapist or clinician seeking to add coaching to your services — then feel free to call me anytime at 941-539-9623 to see if there is a fit.

Best regards,
Andrew Neitlich
Founder and Director
Center for Executive Coaching
Co-Author: Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches
Personal Cell: 941-539-9623




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