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The Center for Executive Coaching’s “Instant Business Coach Toolkit”

Plus: Get everything at a fraction of the cost and time required by other training programs and franchises

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If you seek to add a best-in-class business coaching program to your practice, you have found what you are looking for. Now you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars or any royalties to get a proven business coaching methodology or suffer through hours of basic coaching training to get the tools you want.

The Center for Executive Coaching is making available to seasoned coaches the core methods, toolkits, and processes of our business coaching program in a single package called “The Instant Business Coach Toolkit.” You can put this program to work for you instantly to have more impact with your current clients, attract new clients, and add new solutions to what you already do.

What is Business Coaching?

Business coaching is a systematic coaching process to help business owners and leaders make measurable gains in their revenues, profits, cash flow, team productivity, and value of their business. It also helps clients find more time and reduce the hassles, headaches, and stresses of running a business.

The “Instant Business Coach Toolkit” is the fastest, most effective way for experienced coaches to offer business coaching to your clients.

Following is an overview of the program and pricing. Contact Founder and Director Andrew Neitlich at andrewneitlich@centerforexecutivecoaching.com anytime for questions.

First, the Instant Business Coach Toolkit has a number of advantages over other business coach training programs:

  • The content is robust. In fact, we have people from large business coaching franchises who have commented on the depth of our toolkits – and they were not happy to discover the royalties and fees they could have saved by working with us.
  • The “Instant Business Coach Toolkit” has been proven to work. We have taken out the guess work and can help you apply these materials to just about any client situation.
  • Our materials enable you to work with dynamic, growing businesses, not just tiny mom and pop establishments. Other coaching programs lack the substance to get you to work with high-end businesses, and their members are stuck working with stagnant mom and pop shops who can barely afford to pay them.
  • You can put the materials to work immediately. There are no certification hurdles and hoops to jump through. As soon as you join the program, you get a password to an exclusive member area where you can download the tools and watch webinars to learn how to apply them. This is in addition to live trainings and ongoing support.
  • You can adapt and rebrand the materials (See our terms and conditions for how this works).
  • You aren’t locked into any kind of long-term contract, and don’t pay any royalties.
  • You get direct support from the developer of the toolkits, Founder and Director Andrew Neitlich. Andrew is a leading executive and business coach, even while he runs the Center for Executive Coaching. He has worked with growing businesses in almost every industry. Andrew is the author of a number of books on coaching, including The Way to Coach Executives, Elegant Leadership, Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches, Guerrilla Marketing Job Escape Plan, and The Business Coach Training Manual. He received his MBA with Distinction from Harvard Business School. You can read the hundreds of testimonials from our members to hear what they have to say about his teaching style and accessibility. Few other programs offer this level of direct support from the creator of the content.

“I can’t imagine a better coach than Andrew Neitlich. For every 500 coaches you meet, none will equal or surpass him in every aspect of being a coach, a businessman or a human being.”

Jay Conrad Levinson, Father of Guerrilla Marketing

Six Reasons Why Every Coach Should Have a Business Coaching Methodology and Tools, Even If You Don’t Want to Declare Yourself as a Business Coach

  • Even if you don’t do formal business coaching, you should still know the language and best practices of leading a successful business. No matter what kind of coaching you do now, you work with clients who are in a business setting. To show that you understand their world, you should be able to speak their language. The “Instant Business Coach Toolkit” gives you the tools and methods to do that.
  • You will have more credibility with clients and connect with them more easily. Your clients think about issues relevant to business coaching all the time. By understanding your client’s world, you come across as more credible. You can also connect with them more easily, because you can speak to their issues. This opens up more opportunities to keep clients longer.
  • Business coaching is a systematic way for you to improve results and therefore get rave reviews. The Center for Executive Coaching’s “Instant Coach Toolkit” gives you a system to guide your clients to improved performance. We lay out exactly how to work with clients so that they know you have a clear path to results.
  • Bake measurable results and impact into your coaching. Business coaching is one of the easiest way to prove your Return on Investment to your clients. You help business owners and their team to make measurable gains in revenues, profits, cash flow, the value of their business, reduction in hassles, and improvements in productivity and time.
  • Set yourself apart from other coaches. The “Instant Business Coach Toolkit” allows you to set yourself apart with a proven methodology and approach to getting results for clients. Most coaches don’t have this ability.
  • Coach your own practice to success! The tools you get will certainly help your clients, but they also give you a super-powerful system to grow your own practice. If you follow the program yourself, you will discover new ways to make your own practice more lucrative and fulfilling.

Your “Instant Business Coaching Toolkit” provides a tremendous depth and breadth of content for you to put to work immediately with your clients, and to attract new clients.

You receive:

One: The Complete Instant Business Coach Toolkit.

The Center for Executive Coaching’s “Instant Business Coach Toolkit” includes all of the toolkits in our acclaimed Coach Master Toolkit related to business coaching:

  • Assessing the client. With this assessment, you quickly discover where your client is doing well and where your client needs to improve. This toolkit comes in a 12-page Word document. In addition to a data request checklist, it gives you a five-point assessment based on a questionnaire you and the client fill out.
  • Defining key opportunities to improve the client’s revenue, profit, and cash flow model. You receive an in-depth toolkit to help your client clearly define their financial model. You don’t need to be an accountant or MBA to use this toolkit. We have honed in on the most important factors any business owner and coach needs to know to identify areas for improvement and determine exactly what those improvements will do for results. This toolkit works for small and larger businesses. We even give you adaptations for businesses with multiple units, professional service firms with multiple partners, and companies with large sales forces. We also show you how to adapt the toolkit to specific situation, and will work with you on any complex client you have. The format is an Excel Spreadsheet with 18 tabs covering different aspects of successful business models.
  • Tracking progress. Our toolkit sets you and the client up to set goals and track progress each and every month. That way, there is nowhere to hide and results are baked in.
  • Tactics to make specific, measurable improvements and turn your clients’ businesses into a science. We give you and your clients a toolkit to approach business using the scientific method. This includes ways to select the right business tactic to have maximum impact on a specific piece of the business, and a methodology to test the tactic first. That way, your clients make improvements with maximum upside and minimum risk. This toolkit comes as a 39-page Word Document with hundreds upon hundreds of ideas to give your clients about improving their businesses.
  • Helping your client create a compelling marketing message and plan. Your “Instant Business Coach Toolkit” includes a methodology to help your clients craft the best possible marketing message and create a marketing plan. That way, you and your clients put in place a systematic approach to constant revenue growth. This toolkit alone can set you up for a lucrative coaching practice. This toolkit is a 21-page Word document that lets you and the client take a step-by-step approach.
  • A methodology to help the client get unchained from the business and become a true CEO. Most businesses are too dependent on their owners. This makes it a huge challenge and stressor for your clients to have enough personal time, and to sell or step down from the business when they want. With this toolkit, you get a proven approach to help business owners have more time and create a business that runs without them. This is a life-changing process! It comes as a 29-page Word document.
  • A coaching process to help your client better engage and mobilize employees. Your toolkit also includes one of our most popular coaching methodologies – a process to assure that your clients are creating an engaged team. The format is an 18-page Word document with a clear, step-by-step approach.
  • Create a high-performance culture. Your toolkit gives you a proven approach to help your clients create a culture in their business that performs. This process has led to 5- and 5-figure engagements for our coaches. It comes with a 16-page Word document.
  • Create loyal customers via service excellence. This coaching methodology was developed when Andrew Neitlich worked with leading professors at Harvard Business School. You learn how to coach clients to keep customers loyal through the best practices in delivering outstanding service. A single engagement with this toolkit alone can change a business owner’s results, earn you rave reviews, and be a lucrative engagement in its own right. The toolkit is 21 pages in Word.

Note: Keep reading, because you also get training in how to use all of these toolkits. Also, you can rebrand the toolkits with your logo and adapt them, so that you create your own brand. This is a royalty-free program; you pay no ongoing royalties!

TWO: Instant Webinars that Explain Each Toolkit and How to Apply It.

The “Instant Business Coach Toolkit” includes already-recorded webinars that show you how to use and apply each toolkit. Each webinar is about an hour and walks you through exactly what you do to get the best results with clients. You have instant access to learn the materials as quickly as you like, so you can use them with clients right away.

THREE: Live, Interactive Trainings to Deepen Your Knowledge and Expertise.

This program is part of the full coach training program at the Center for Executive Coaching, which includes live trainings. When we reach the part of our curriculum covering any of the Instant Business Coach Toolkits, you are invited to attend. Your membership is ongoing, and if you miss a live event, it is recorded and placed in your member area.

FOUR: The CASTLE Model for Business Growth.

Our methodology is based on the proprietary CASTLE Model for Business Growth, created by Andrew Neitlich. Each letter of the word CASTLE stands for a key factor in business success:

  • Control the numbers.
  • Aspirations.
  • Strategy.
  • Tactics.
  • Leverage.
  • Evolution of the business owner as a leader.

You receive training on and the rights to use this model with your clients or, if you prefer, to adapt it to something that is your exclusive approach. You get to choose! You can either use what we have already created, or use the CASTLE Model as inspiration for you to create your own proprietary business coaching model. In other words, you get maximum flexibility.

FIVE: Exclusive Member Area.

Within one business day or your registration, we set you up with an exclusive member area where you can download your materials, view recorded training webinars, and get access to everything else included in the program.

Plus, when we do live trainings, we record them and place them in your member area so that you have ongoing access to new content.

SIX: CCEUs and Live Training Hours with the International Coach Federation.

Because we are an accredited ACTP with the International Coach Federation, all of your live participation hours count towards CCEUs and/or live training hours towards your ICF designation.

SEVEN: Ongoing support from Founder and Director of the Center for Executive Coaching.

Your program includes ongoing email support directly from Andrew Neitlich, the developer of the toolkits, not someone he has trained. You will receive Andrew’s personal email (and cell phone, too) and you can contact him anytime. Andrew typically responds within one business day, but usually the same day. His members rave about his responsiveness and willingness to be accessible.

Plus, we are offering you FOUR free bonuses if you register now.

We want to make your decision a no-brainer, and so here are three additional bonuses you receive:

BONUS ONE: The Center for Executive Coaching Marketing Vault.

You receive access through your member area to our recorded marketing teleclasses. No other program such an effective, practical, straightforward approach to getting and retaining clients. All classes are taught by Andrew Neitlich, author of Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches and The Professional’s Essential Business Development Manual. If you listen to and apply the content in these classes, you will set yourself apart as a go-to professional in your market.

BONUS TWO: Our Acclaimed Strategic Planning Toolkit!

The Center for Executive Coaching's 3-part strategic planning process has generated $20,000 to $60,000 per client per engagement. Our coaches rave about our strategic planning methodology. Some business coaches focus exclusively on strategic planning for small businesses, especially family-owned businesses. The methodology is proven to help clients get clarity about strategic direction and then implement the plan. It isolates the reasons why strategic planning fails, and shows you and your clients how to avoid these traps. Comes as a 20-page Word Document. If you engage a client with this toolkit alone, you will repay your investment in this program over and over again.

BONUS THREE: Engage and Mobilize Employees PPT Enables You to Offer Instant Workshops for Additional Revenues

This PowerPoint sets you up to offer workshops about Engaging and Mobilizing Employees to business owners and their leadership and management team. This workshop has been developed and delivered to hundreds of managers by Andrew Neitlich, and has been proven to get great results and win rave reviews from clients. It comes with a webinar taking you through exactly how to deliver this workshop for maximum results. If you only deliver one workshop with this bonus alone, you more than pay back your investment in this program.

BONUS FOUR - THE CLINCHER: Certification as a Business Coach.

For a very limited time, we are offering you actual Certification as a Business Coach, including an 8.5 X 11" Certificate suitable for framing, with our seal and the ICF logo, when you join the program. To receive this Certification, we do require that you submit a case study to us showing how you have or will use the program with a client. Founder and Director Andrew Neitlich will personally review your case study with you, so that the process also adds to your learning. Normally we do not offer a designation with our toolkits alone, but we know that if this bonus fails to get your attention, nothing else will.

The Affordable Investment Makes it Easy to Pay Yourself Back Many Times Over - BUT THIS OFFER IS OPEN ONLY FOR A LIMITED TIME.

If you have done your due diligence, you know that business coach training programs are not inexpensive. In fact, new coaches who enroll in our International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited Business Coach Training program pay $7,500. Franchises charge over $10,000. Other training programs charge you thousands.

However, because we have extracted the core content you need as an experienced coach, your investment is only $897. That includes everything described on this page, with no royalties or contracts.

The only catch is that we are only making this offer for a very limited time. That way, you have to take action if you are really serious about moving forward.

Your return on investment is not hard to calculate. With our content, you set yourself apart with business coaching solutions that provide measurable results and value for your clients. A single business coaching client is worth tens of thousands of dollars, before referrals to other clients. One client pays back your investment many times over.

You can also take our content and use it to offer seminars and workshops that bring in additional income. A single workshop will pay for your investments in this program over and over again, and is likely to lead to new clients.

Even small pieces of the “Instant Business Coach Toolkit” offer you a terrific return on investment. The Strategic Planning methodology alone provides a solution you can offer to clients for $20,000 and up. Almost any of the other toolkits – especially the Create a High-Performance Culture, Engage and Mobilize Employees, Service Excellence and Marketing Foundation toolkits -- each also lead to engagements in the five figures. The marketing bonus can take your practice to a new level of performance in terms of the clients you attract.

Finally, don't forget that you can use the tools in this program to gain insights about taking your own coaching practice to new levels of success. This tools and methods in this program work, whether for your clients or for your own business.

Again, the only catch is that we are testing this pricing model for a limited time. This offer is in beta test mode, and will not last long. Therefore, please take advantage of it right now.

To Get Started Now: Pay Up Front and Save or Pay in Convenient Monthly Installments

It is easy to get started. Simply decide whether to pay $897 up front or six (6) convenient monthly installments of $167. Then click the appropriate button below to register. Within one business day we will get you set up in your member area and send a formal welcome email telling you how to get started and welcoming you to the program. You can contact program creator and Director Andrew Neitlich anytime for support as you progress through the program. See the Pledge to You below so that you know the level of support Andrew intends to provide to you.

You won’t find better content and support at this beta test pricing anywhere else. Take action today.

Pay in Full Click Here to Pay in Monthly Installments

My Pledge to You:

  • I will be available to support you with any questions you have as you go through the materials.
  • If any of the materials listed on this page are not as described, I will work with you to make it right.
  • I will be responsive to your emails. Usually I get back to members the same day. You can even call me on my personal cell, and I will give you that number when you register.
  • You get support directly from me, not someone I have trained.
  • I am also happy to discuss your marketing plans with you, not just the business coach content.

If I do not honor this pledge, you are entitled to a full refund of your investment so long as you let me know and give me time to work with you to correct any dissatisfaction on your part.

Andrew Neitlich
Founder and Director
Center for Executive Coaching

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