Give Your Leaders and Managers the Best Practices in Coaching Skills


The Leader’s Coaching Toolkit:

Practical coaching methods for leaders to develop people, strengthen the organization, and achieve stretch performance goals

Available via online learning, distance learning, and in-person seminars

Organizations are increasingly discovering the benefits of training managers and leaders in coaching skills. Used at the right time and in the right way, coaching is an effective approach for managers and leaders to develop their employees, increase engagement, and create a culture of leadership and success.

The Center for Executive Coaching offers you the most practical, effective way to bring coaching skills to your leaders and managers. Unlike other coach training programs, our program emphasizes performance, accountability, and results – all in the context of developing employees and managers for the future. That way, you continue to develop a pipeline of leaders in the organization while also setting higher and higher standards for improved performance.

Also, while your managers and leaders complete our training and learn to coach their own people, they also develop their own leadership abilities. That’s because they look at their own leadership style and opportunities for improvement. In that way, our programs provide a triple benefit: The leader/coach develops new skills, the people whom the leader coaches improve skills and performance, and the organization as a whole gets stronger.

The advantages of our program include:

  • Practical. The program is practical. Many coach training programs come out of a life coaching model. Our program is grounded in organizational coaching, and what it takes to succeed in an organizational and leadership setting.
  • Results-driven. Coaching is meant to improve performance in measurable, significant ways. It is about getting results. Our training is designed to teach coaching methodologies, tools, and conversations that get results.
  • ICF Accredited. We are accredited as an ACTP with the International Coach Federation, the highest designation offered by the leading professional body among coaching professionals.
  • Deep and broad content. The content we offer covers the most pressing challenges that managers and leaders face.
  • Toolkits that participants can put to work immediately. Our program includes toolkits that participants can use right away to get immediate improvements on the job.
  • Step-by-step process. The training leads participants step-by-step through how to use coaching to make a difference and have impact. It is easy to learn and apply what we teach.
  • Ongoing support. We stay available for ongoing support.
  • Many ways to learn. Read below for the many ways we can help you apply our content.

View a video demonstration of the program in the video below….

Pricing for this program is per participant, and as you order more “seats” your pricing per participants goes down. Please contact us anytime at for pricing and for a demonstration of our online program so that you can see all of our content for yourself. You can also contact Andrew Neitlich, Director, at 941-539-9623.

The content in our program can be customized to meet your needs, and typically includes the following:

Foundations of coaching for managers and leaders. The program begins with an overview of what coaching is, its benefits, and when managers should and should not coach employees. From there, we cover the key coaching conversations, the coaching process, how to set scope and boundaries, how to assess the situation as a coach, how to set goals and track progress, how to establish a coaching plan when appropriate, how to lead a coaching session, how to conclude a coaching session, and how to follow up.

Specific situations. From there, the program covers specific, pressing challenges that come up between leader/manager and employee again and again. For each of these, we provide specific approaches, methodologies, and toolkits that guide participants in how to coach towards a favorable outcome and better results. Situations can include:

  • Engage and mobilize employees, from setting expectations to acknowledging employees and adjusting one’s leadership style to the right situation.
  • Create and follow a development plan.
  • The leader’s dashboard.
  • Career planning.
  • Think comprehensively about complex issues.
  • Think strategically.
  • Manage up.
  • Develop one’s powerbase of professional relationships in the organization.
  • Lead change.
  • Set expectations and high standards.
  • Create a high-performance team.
  • Influence others.
  • Get ideas accepted throughout the organization.
  • Understand the politics of the organization.
  • Change a key behavior to build on strengths or eliminate a behavioral blind spot, in order to move one’s career ahead.
  • Reframe a limiting perception that is holding one’s performance back.
  • Executive effectively and move things forward to results.
  • Communicate simply and powerfully.
  • Build one’s powerbase of professional relationships, and have more power and influence in the organization.
  • Resolve conflicts.
  • Improve leadership impact.
  • Develop the attitudes of the leader, including resilience, balancing results and relationships, and generate the right attitude for the situation.

We will train your consultants in the way that suits your organization best. Options include:

  • Online training. We have developed an online training module that lets participants go at their own pace to learn. The training includes video, audio, and downloadable toolkits, along with one-on-one email support whenever needed. We can also combine this program with teleclasses and even review of recorded coaching conversations on request. Contact us at for a preview.
  • In-house training. We will come to your organization to train your leaders and managers. A typical training can last between two and four days. Trainings can be supported with our distance learning and online options.
  • Distance-learning. Your leaders and managers can join our public distance learning program or we can create a private cohort specifically for your organization. This can include a series of teleclasses and/or webinars that can be recorded and placed in a private member area for ongoing learning, along with our videos and training manuals.
  • Individual training. For a small number of participants, joining our public certification program might be the most convenient option.
  • Train-the-trainer. We can train your in-house trainers to deliver our coach training programs.
  • Custom training. We will work quickly to customize a program that fits your precise needs.

Contact us at or contact Founder and Director Andrew Neitlich directly at 941-539-9623 to discuss your needs in more depth.

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