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How to start an executive coaching practice while working full time

Many aspiring executive coaches wonder how they can start an executive coaching practice while they are still working full time. In this video, Center for Executive Coaching alumni Matt Clemens explains how he has done it. Matt is the Chief Administrative Officer for a $1.7 billion financial institution, with a large number of responsibilities and a very busy schedule. Even still, he has reserved time to coach clients in his spare time, without conflict of interest. His advice at the end about having five people who keep him top of mind and refer business his way is priceless.

I did the same thing to get my coaching practice started. Like Matt, I used my spare time to start my practice up, despite a very busy full-time job. As Matt says, you have to stop making excuses and just do it. In my case, I chose a niche and got involved in an association that served my target niche. That led to the opportunity to speak and present at this association, which opened doors to clients for me. Within a year I could see that I could fill my practice. Within two years I was working on my own, making more than I every would have as an employee.

If you want the most efficient, effective, and practical guidance and approach to starting an executive coaching practice, the Center for Executive Coaching is your best option. Contact us at to schedule time to answer your questions and assess fit. Please explore our website first to research your options.

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