Exclusive Summer Offer: 7 Specialty Certifications

For a limited time, get 7 specialty certifications at no additional cost
A Unique Opportunity for Executive Coaches Begins This Summer

We’re thrilled to launch the Summer Series 2024, a prestigious suite of seven specialized executive coaching certifications, available exclusively for our program members who enroll by July 31, 2024. The Summer Series will officially begin the first week of August. This offer equips you with unparalleled training and official certifications to distinguish your coaching practice in a competitive market.

Why the Summer Series?
Our Summer Series is designed not just to add to our already comprehensive toolkit for executive coaching success, but to offer you an exceptional incentive to advance your training.
Whether you're starting out or looking to elevate your practice, these courses are structured to give you the edge you need.
Available Certifications:
(with any eligible program)
1. Time & Productivity Leadership Coach: Master the strategies to help clients manage their time and priorities efficiently.
2. Strategic Planning & Execution Coach: Learn to coach leaders to craft and execute robust strategies.
3. Culture Change Coach: Employ our proven model to facilitate impactful cultural transformations.
4. Change Leadership Coach: Guide clients through complex change with confidence.
5. Power & Influence Coach: Equip your clients to excel in high-stakes scenarios.
6. Perceptual Shift Coach: Teach clients to shift perceptions and dominate their leadership domain.
7. Communication Impact Coach: Improve how your clients communicate under various circumstances.

About the Offer:

Gain Prestige and Power in Your Coaching Career:
Each certification is meticulously designed to enhance your skills and credibility as both an executive and leadership coach. Not only do these certifications deepen your expertise, but they also provide you with digital badges to showcase your specialized knowledge.

Flexible and Accessible Learning Options:
Courses are conducted live every Friday from 12 PM to 3 PM EST via Zoom. Concerned about scheduling conflicts? No worries. Each session is recorded, allowing you to engage at your convenience. Complete a brief quiz after each class to earn your certification—and don’t stress, we’re here to help you pass.

Learn from the Best:
All sessions are led by Andrew Neitlich, the Founder and Director of the Center for Executive Coaching, and a vanguard in the coaching industry. This is your chance to learn from a pioneer and enhance your coaching prowess.

Comprehensive Coverage:
You have one full year to complete the certifications, with all courses recognized for ICF and BCC training hours.

Special Reminder:

Act quickly—the doors close on this exclusive offer on July 31, 2024.
Eligible programs include:

KU In-Person Seminar

Don’t miss this game-changing opportunity in the coaching industry. Enroll in one of our eligible certification programs today and secure your place in the Summer Series 2024.

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