Dale Green

Outstanding class, Andrew! I have had the opportunity to attend many Coaching seminars over the span of twenty years. Seminars hosted by Organizations such Walmart, The Home Depot, The Gap inc and more. Companies with resources to hire the best money can buy. They brought in very talented people, yet your course on Executive Coaching was by far the very best I have attended. It was inclusive, challenging, smart and engaging. I have coached and trained many leaders in the above organizations, individuals that in some cases surpassed me career wise. Through your course on Executive Leadership, I now understand why, but most importantly, I have the toolkit and the vision to get back into the game. Great Job to the Center for Executive Coaching. Thanks Andrew for making your life business – the business of helping leaders like myself to reach for the “gifts” we are all born with! Regards Dale Green President and Founder Gideon’sFlight “Ambassadors for Men.”