David Schulman, M.S., LMHC

“Andrew’s leadership in the development of today’s best prepared executive coaches is unrivaled. While there are other very smart and committed players in the wide variety of executive coaching programs available, in my view, Andrew has distinguished himself as the dean of U.S. executive coaching. He’s done so not only by challenging CEC candidates with a most rigorous core curriculum. He has also equipped and trained each in an arsenal of frameworks that dispatches fluff from the executive client experience. Andrew also makes sure that no one graduates without understanding that they are going into the coaching business. Unlike any other program out there, CEC prepares and continually supports executive coaches in connecting to the clients that need their help. The CEC program provides ongoing professional growth to graduates, which keeps practitioners current and sharp, as well as ongoing enterprise support. Andrew works tirelessly to find new ways for his graduates to achieve and maintain professional excellence. As a caution, if you like chit-chat, filler, or a leisurely pace, uh, this might not be the program for you. Andrew is a terrific guy, but he’s hell-bent on getting you prepared.”