Diana Johannessen

The Center for Executive Coaching Center Certification and in-person seminar with Andrew this past week in Sarasota, Florida is comprehensive and extremely engaging. As I evaluated programs, I found him to be high touch, informative and generous with his time to help me sort through my options. Andrew’s passion, wit and engaging style during the sessions have brought my practice to a whole new level. It is also worth noting that I found the caliber of individuals in the program to be high quality professionals with diverse backgrounds. I love that he attracts from a wide range of industries and geographic locations!

The Center for Executive Coaching Center has been a tremendous resource thus far and will continue to be as I grow my coaching business. The online portal of top quality training materials, whitepapers and recorded training lessons fits well with my lifestyle and is very flexible as I continue to work on consulting engagements. I would wholeheartedly recommend joining the CEC program/community and encourage anyone who has an interest in this growing field to put CEC at the top of his/her list!