Eapen Johnson, MS., MBA. SHRM-CP, HCS., CEC

What an Awesome weekend of learning! Thanks to Andrew and the Center for Executive Coaching. This past weekend I had the incredible opportunity to be part of a group of talented professionals to learn and to understand the concept of Executive Coaching as presented by Andrew Neitlich and the Center for Executive Coaching. There is a void in leadership development and that void can and must be filled by the theories of Executive Coaching as demonstrated by Andrew’s extensive research and teaching. Andrew’s facilitation of the program was well thought out with strategies and tools that can be applied in a very systematic way to effectively develop your coaching practice whether it be internal or external coaching. The three-and-a-half-day session was not filled with PowerPoints (thanks!), rather it was packed with methodologies and tools that you were able to learn and practice immediately during the break-out sessions. I particularly liked this format since it gave us a chance to practice the concept and then comeback and ask clarifying questions. Andrew was patient and had a great sense of humor which made understanding his materials as it related to realities of the business world. My only regret is not knowing these concepts when I started my HR career almost two decades ago. I am enthusiastic about the new concept of Executive Coaching and looking forward to using it as part of my HR portfolio. I am appreciative of the format where Andrew’s CEC also gives you access to much-needed tools for your practice as well as a lifetime of resources through CEC. Thanks to Andrew and his team at CEC, I have a unique niche within the HR profession to continue to develop leaders by being a Certified Executive Coach through Andrew’s organization, the Center for Executive Coaching. I am looking forward to this journey. Thanks, Andrew.