Eddy Massier

As a Senior Executive my intention was to acquire a deeper understanding of and get certified as a coach. Andrew‘s program / CEC had been recommended to me by different people. Looking back, it has provided outstanding value for the money and time invested. Andrew‘s program is practice and real business life oriented, keeping theory limited to the essential. It covers a wide area of very business relevant areas and introduces coaching as a practice and opportunity to create real value in the respective areas. By doing so Andrew ensures that clients familiarize themselves and comprehend the critical competences and guidelines stipulated by the ICF, too. He does so predominantly through practicing and feedback which really sticks. Another key benefit of CEC is the wide range of availability tools, the network opportunities and the possibility to acquire additional skills and certifications – as in my case as Master Facilitator. CEC is an excellent program to prepare you for being a coach, to improve your skills if you are already a coach, to prepare you for ICF certification and to provide you with invaluable tools and ideas to develop your niche or coaching practice.