Geoffrey Ryan

Finally! An organization that grounds their executive coaching program in business reality and supplements it with coaching theory and proven coaching skill development. I had been looking for an Executive Coaching Certification program that would leverage and supplement my two decades of experience as a global HR executive, consultant and coach. The Center for Executive Coaching was the one and only organization that met all of my criteria while offer a path to numerous coaching certification programs including Certified Executive Coach (CEC), Board Certified Coach (BCC), and ACSTH – ICF approved coach specific training hours. Andrew is an outstanding facilitator, expert in coaching and the key to what made the CEC right for me. His ability to bring everything back to the fundamental question of “what problem does your client have and how are you going to add value to facilitate the resolution of that problem as a coach to your client?” demonstrates his understanding of what really matters to his clients and brings into sharp focus the value proposition that executive coaches should have to offer their clients. The “icing on the cake” is that I am now a life-long member of The Center for Executive Coaching and have all of the resources of the CEC (including Andrew) at my disposal during my journey as a Certified Executive Coach.