Greg Stinsa

Andrew is one of the most amazingly individuals I have ever met in 30 years in business. His Center for Executive Coaching is beyond transformative. His unique framework teaches his students the real world of coaching. He has toolkits, methodologies, processes and solutions to EVERY possible situation you could ever encounter. Finding Andrew was an absolute blessing.

Andrew is an extraordinarily successful professional coach who works with executives and companies across the country. He is an even better mentor and teacher. He provides incredible value for his on line study programs and his 4 day seminar for coaching certification was perhaps the best event I ever attended. The content was invaluable and the caliber of people attending was off the charts with company and university presidents as well as NASA engineers, entrepreneurs and other brilliant minds. It was just inspiring to be the dumbest person in the room and consistently interact with people who give you incredible insights and help you refine your coaching.

Andrew is best in class professional coach and mentor!!!!