Jeff McCaffrey

Andrew is a top notch facilitator, trainer and coach who makes things simple, understandable and doable. He is hands on, practical and eager to help. His Center for Executive Coaching is a world class organization that attracts the most elite talent that I’ve seen. Whether you’re an aspiring coach or a seasoned practicing coach wanting to up your game, Andrew can prepare you for success, with the knowledge and tools needed to be in the upper echelon of top coaches.

The seminar that Andrew facilitates is highly organized, well paced and just a stretch for each learning exercise that adds maximum value. We also have the advantage of practicing with other experienced and beginning coaches where he observes and mentors as we do. The weekly tele-classes with Andrew are tight-knit and well manageable groups where Andrew can teach, role-play and take many questions all throughout the calls. The tool-kits and resources provided are like everything else, outstanding.

I highly recommend joining the Center for Executive Coaching as it has far exceeded my expectations in quality of material, the access to resources and above all the leadership of Andrew Neitlich. I’ve never felt so prepared for anything like I am now, to be an extraordinary coach, because of joining the Center of Executive Coaching.