Jerry Blais

As a recent graduate of The Center for Executive Coaching (CEC) Program I wanted to share my AMAZING experience with you. First and foremost, the content is real world tested and is proven to get practical results. The faculty care deeply about your success and you can feel and see it through the approach and direct access. The coaching methodologies and toolkits are truly best-in-class, well organized and simple to follow. I attended the 3 day on-line seminar which was extremely well run with a clear agenda, diligent timing and great content. While the seminar included both lecture and peer practice, the majority of the time was spent practicing with peers which was intense, but very beneficial. The seminar was full of seasoned professionals that were focused, engaged and professional. All of the content is on-line as well with recorded webinars, PPT slides, scripts, etc. so you can engage more deeply as you wish. The CEC not only addresses how to be a best-in-class coach, but also helps you with how to build a “coaching practice” with marketing and business development assistance – very helpful and unique.