Mark Kogelnik

I’m excited to implement and share the practical takeaways having just spent time with Andrew Neitlich of the Center for Executive Coaching. The peer mentoring and hands-on practice Andrew led was invaluable to advancing my appreciative inquiry. His facilitated, interactive training session provided a fun, open atmosphere to learn behavioral and perceptual coaching techniques.

Specifically, Andrew’s quick-witted, candid, business-oriented style helped demystify the perceived ‘magic’ often accompanying assessment and coaching. The tools he has compiled, and various resources available, are easy to use and clarify the issue at hand without convoluting the point with unnecessary theoretical jargon. He clearly practices what he teaches, as he was highly effective at modeling real-time coaching and consulting.

Andrew’s take on the importance assessments can have in various consulting and coaching engagements nicely complement today’s business needs. He provided tangible ways assessment results can be incorporated into a variety of business coaching engagements.

I highly recommend Andrew, and the Center for Executive Coaching, for those looking to advance their practices by gaining hands-on training, real-world advice, and a framework with easy-to-implement tools. In addition, I would not hesitate to engage Andrew with the most challenging business and executive coaching engagements.