Michael Ikona, Psy.D., CEC

When looking for an executive coaching program to help me meet the ICF’s certification requirements, I was very picky. After searching for a few weeks, I discovered a colleague of mine was currently enrolled in the Center for Executive Coaching (CEC). She was very pleased with the program, and her endorsement made me feel comfortable about enrolling. Needless to say, this program has proven to be very, very good! Andrew doesn’t only talk about the ICF competencies (although there is a lot of talk about it), he also talks about his experiences as a full time executive coach. Moreover, he has countless toolkits available for members that can help coaches whose clients are in specific situations. Having access to the toolkits alone are worth the price of enrollment! I have become a more effective coach since my enrollment and give Andrew and the CEC my highest possible endorsement! – Dr. Michael D. Ikona, Psy.D