Paul Edelman, PhD

If you are looking to learn executive coaching skills, practice coaching, or earn certification as a coach, Andrew Neitlich and his Center for Executive Coaching (CEC) programs are the best investment you can make. Andrew is a Harvard Business School graduate with extensive business, consulting, and coaching experience. His pragmatic, results-oriented approach reflects his deep appreciation for the world in which his clients live.

Andrew is down-to-earth, approachable, and generous. He is not one to talk theory, yet the methods he teaches and the way he teaches them are consistent with the most advanced conceptions of how people learn and grow. He knows that new or developing coaches naturally feel uncomfortable. This discomfort interferes with coaches’ ability to differentiate their thinking.

What Andrew has done is to go through the entire domain of executive coaching and differentiate all of the imaginable kinds of situations in which a coach might have the opportunity to be helpful. He tackles each of these situations systematically in the chapters of his book, the modules of his tele-classes, his coaching tool kits, his many helpful spreadsheets, and his in-person seminars. He breaks each topic down into its component parts or elements, offering frameworks the learner can use to organize their thinking. Then, he provides examples of appropriate coaching questions to ask in the context of these frameworks.

After breaking each topic down, Andrew offers participants the opportunity to apply what they are learning through demonstrations, case examples, and practice coaching. Completing Andrew’s programs has enhanced my ability to integrate my skills and experience across a broad range of coaching situations.

I am grateful to Andrew for providing this experience, and I recommend him and the CEC programs most highly.