Sarah Drijfhout-Sellen

Andrew embodies the no-nonsense, straight-talking, authentic (dare I say caring) qualities we wished all business leaders aspired to in the corporate world. Once you’ve worked with him and seen him in action you’ll realize you’re working with someone with massive integrity and a laser-sharp attention to what’s happening in your business, in business leadership and in the business world at large. His experience and judgements are inciteful and on-point. Listening, challenging and driving change Andrew helps business leaders to understand their pain points while leaving them firmly in charge of the wheel and accountable for making those changes.

In Andrew’s coaching training his fast pace and passion are extremely energizing, – it’s a refreshing change from the 99% of fluff that’s out there in the marketplace. He has realistic, real-world understanding of the drivers in business and he’s highly effective in both communicating and instilling this on the CEC ICF accredited training. You should leave one of his programs with no excuses for failure, and he’ll continue to give you support for as long as you need. What’s more you’ll meet a tribe of phenomenal characters along the way, with plenty of opportunities to hone your executive coaching skills. Andrew’s training package is formulated with success in mind for all those leadership coaches ready to rise to the challenge. If you dare to succeed you will not regret signing up to of one of his programs.

Inspirational! Thank you Andrew.