Valarie K. Horton

After extensive research, I decided to join the Center for Executive Coaching. I was immediately impressed with Andrew’s direct contact and guidance regarding the Executive Coach certification.

Soon after I joined, I had the privilege of attending Andrew’s seminar in Sarasota and it was absolutely top-notch! Andrew personally delivered a wealth of information, providing the knowledge and tools to be successful as an Executive Coach. However, what sets him apart is his sincerity, his heart for those he mentors in his program, his leadership, his direct style, and more importantly, his lack of tolerance for mediocrity. He is refreshingly authentic and focused on practical and measurable coaching that in return, creates an edge unmatched in the industry.

I cannot recommend Andrew and the Center for Executive Coaching highly enough. With Andrew as my mentor and as a member/alumna of the Center for Executive Coaching, I know I have the resources I need to further my success and thereby, the success of my clients.