Center for Executive Coaching

Thank you Master Certified Coach Training Participants

Thank you to the wonderful coaches and consultants who joined me for the weekend in Sarasota, Florida to get Certified as Master Coach Trainers.

We had a great time going really deep into high-level coaching. It was especially fulfilling when we worked together to develop new frameworks to help our clients improve performance, and also to help each other develop intellectual capital for our respective practices. Participants focused on some great areas, including government administrators, faith-based non-profits, emerging technology companies, and executives in transition (especially baby boomers) who are seeking to reignite passion and inspiration in their careers.

We also practiced some tough coaching on each other, pushing ourselves to the limits of coachability. If we can't be coachable, neither can our clients. The best coaches are the most coachable and open to ongoing learning and growth.

Thanks again!

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