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Why every executive coach needs a coach

To quote the famous ad (about hair loss): “I’m not just the President of the Center for Executive Coaching…,” I’m also someone who benefits from having a coach myself.

Recently I was venting to my coach about a business relationship that was under some strain. I wanted the coach to understand precisely how flawed the other person was, and provided plenty of evidence to make my case.

The coach did what a great coach does: She gradually had me point the finger back at myself. By focusing on my own issues — both through her great questions and her keen observations — she helped me see exactly how I was a big part of the problem in the relationship.

More importantly, she made me see that I have a particular blind spot that leads to trouble in many aspects of my business and personal life.

The moment I recognized that was like being a central character in a movie during one of those 180 degree plot and perspective twists (like Bruce Willis in The Sixth Sense, or Nicole Kidman in The Others). My entire point of view shifted, in a big way.

We then worked on some solutions so that I can correct my own behavior and become more effective.

What a wonderful experience! Not only did I find a way to improve, but I also got to experience the “aha” moment of a highly productive coaching session.

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