Frequently Asked Questions about The Center for Executive Coaching and Getting Certified as an Executive Coach


Click here for an article to learn over 15 reasons that set us apart. In short, we attract seasoned, accomplished leaders and professionals to our program because of our results-driven, practical approach; incredible one-on-one, ongoing support; approach based on best practices; and commitment to helping you be a successful coach by delighting your clients.
We recommend you join our ICF ACTP. That way, you get to apply to the ICF the fastest, easiest way, without submitting recording to them, which can be a highly subjective and lengthy process. This approach also allows you to then upgrade to the PCC with the ICF without paying us anything additional. If you attend our in-person seminar (32 hours), it takes 4-6 months total time to get all of your training hours and costs $9,800 or 10 monthly installments of $1,000; this program includes our distance learning program. If you complete our online/distance learning executive coach certification program, it takes 8-9 months and costs $7,350 or 10 monthly installments of $750. Note: Our live teleclasses take place Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays at 1 – 2 pm New York time; the ICF requires that you accumulate most training hours through live (not in person, but live) presence.
Register for our ICF ACTP. If you attend an in-person seminar (32 hours), it takes 6-8 months total time to get all of your training hours and costs $9,800 or 10 monthly installments of $1,000. If you complete our distance learning program, it takes 8-9 months and costs $7,350 or 10 monthly installments of $750.
The BCC training program is a great option for those with a Masters Degree or higher. It requires just 60 hours and, unlike with the ICF, you need not be live. It takes 2-4 months. You can complete it via our distance learning program or attend our in-person seminar for a quick accumulation of 32 hours. It is included at no additional cost with both programs. The online/distance learning program is $4,900 or 10 monthly installments of $500. The in-person seminar is $7,350 or 10 monthly installments of $750 and includes the distance learning program (in other words, it costs just $2,500 more than the distance learning program).
We suggest you read this article, which might help. If not, visit the ICF website. All we can say is that our programs get you the training you require for an ICF designation, whether you want the ACC or PCC.
Yes. That’s a great idea and many of our members do exactly that. That’s why we have set up our programs to be modular.
With the online/distance learning program you receive: our Certified Executive Coach certification; training hours for the Board Certified Coach certification; up to 90 live training hours towards your ICF designation (excepting ICF mentor coaching); Certified Business Coach (through a separate case study or research report); Certified Career Coach (through a separate case study or research report); and you can choose one Specialty Designation that you complete (e.g., “Certified Technology Leadership Coach”; via a research report or case study). All of these are included in the tuition of $4,900 or 10 monthly payments of $500. No one else matches this value.
Yes. We set the program up with weekly modules so that it is easy to start. Plus, if you miss a class, you can just hop onto the next one and not feel like you are behind. Click here for more information about our distance learning program.
The online/distance learning program takes 2-4 months to complete it. You graduate it by submitting six recordings of you coaching a client, colleague, or fellow coach (we match you up if you like), and meeting certain competencies. You submit one recording at a time. Don’t worry. We show you how. The cost is $4,900 or 10 monthly installments of $500. Click here for more information about our distance learning program.
Yes. Of course, when you join the full ACTP you participate in the ICF mentor coach training, which includes 10 hours of mentor coaching in a small group. When you attend our teleclasses, you are encouraged to participate when we practice coaching, which gives you the opportunity three times each week to get constructive advice about your coaching. The program also requires that you submit six recordings of you coaching someone else (a client, colleague, or a member of the program – we match you up if you want), and we provide detailed feedback and constructive advice about that. If that’s not enough, we will provide more and Director Andrew Neitlich will even get on the phone with you to listen in on a coaching session or practice coaching with you.
We do better than that. Those are typically the massive programs, and some of those success coaches haven’t achieved what we believe qualifies as success. Our program is a small, boutique program. You get all the success coaching and mentoring you desire from Founder and Director Andrew Neitlich. Anytime you want to set up a coaching call, we can do that — whether about a tricky client situation, coaching skills, or great ideas to attract new clients and get your practice going. In addition, if you are part of the full ICF ACTP, you receive 10 hours of direct mentoring from an ICF Master Certified Coach (MCC). Finally, you become part of our community of coaches and can always reach out to our alumni for advice; you will find among our alumni truly successful coaches who can give you great advice and ideas, too. We believe that this is a better system than forcing a “success coach” onto you that may or may not be any good.
Simple: We have a long list of coaches who want to practice coaching, because that’s how to learn coaching, because they want to record coaching conversations for review during the program, and because they (many) need coaching experience hours for their ICF designation or BCC certification. Once you join, we get you on that list. If you have any trouble finding matches, we will proactively assist you!
Yes. Coaches and coach other coaches to meet the ICF paid coaching requirement and the BCC coaching experience hours (only 30 are needed for the BCC). We have a coach matching service with well over 100 coaches. It is not hard to get the hours you need with our program, although we encourage you to get experience coaching non-coaches, too.
No worries. If you miss a class, you can just hop onto the next one and not feel like you are behind.
Yes. We break your tuition into 10 monthly payments, charged automatically to your credit card on file, on the same day of the month when you register.
What our members have in common is a track record of success, whether through leadership roles, academic credentials, entrepreneurship, or other means. Our members include CEOs and former CEOs and executives, HR leaders, business owners, non-profit leaders, government leaders, military leaders and first responders, elite athletes (Olympics, collegiate, and professional), clinicians, psychologists, best-selling authors, keynote speakers, coaches wanting better training than they got the first time around, attorneys, and more. They are good listeners, empathetic, passionate about helping people develop, and excited to coach others to success.
Our members have typically jumped through enough hoops. Our marketing consultant tells us we should have a big application, because it will increase conversion. But that seems inauthentic, especially given that other programs have an application process and then accept anyone who can fog a mirror. We don’t work that way. We have a clear focus on seasoned, accomplished, educated, intelligent professionals who want to be executive and leadership coaches – not life coaches – and who want a practical approach with proven methods and tools. We also ask you to have a call to assess fit with our Founder and Director Andrew Neitlich to confirm that the program is a good mutual fit.
Yes. Our members stay in contact for years, checking in and getting support as needed for new marketing initiatives, blurbs for books they have written, coaching about tricky clients, and much more.
Yes. Andrew Neitlich’s cell phone is 941-539-9623. We just ask that you have the courtesy to review our website first, confirm that our tuition is within your budget, and that you are serious about joining a coach training program within a month or two.
That’s one of the things we are famous for providing. When you join you get access to our pioneering coaching methods, tools, and processes, which are used by coaches worldwide.
We guarantee that no other program comes close to the support we provide. First, what other program gives you one-on-one marketing support directly from the Director and author of Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches? You also have access to our Business Development Intensive, over 16 hours of webinars and toolkits about everything from choosing a niche to writing a compelling message, getting visible, pricing, proposals, website and LinkedIn design, handling objections, keeping clients long term, branding, and thinking long term about growing your practice.
Yes. We have trained internal coaches at Fortune 500 companies, health systems, pharmaceutical and life science companies, NASA, the NBA, the US Department of Defense, city governments, a leading hedge fund, and more.
Sarasota, Florida at a resort that overlooks the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. Click here to learn more our in-person seminar.
Director Andrew Neitlich teaches almost all of our in-person executive coach certification seminar. Often an expert in assessments also attends to teach about leading assessments.
No. However, we have a corporate rate at the hotel where the seminar is held.
Yes. Unlike other programs, where faculty members don’t coach, even our Director continues to lead a successful coaching practice. Andrew’s focus has shifted over the years, and included leaders in growth companies, technology, healthcare, non-profits, financial services, and professional service firms.
Yes. There are lots of experiences and backgrounds that make for a good coach. The key is that you have some background that helps you connect with your target clientele. We work with you to discover that background, and we won’t accept you into the program if we don’t think we can support you.
Yes. There are many backgrounds that make for a good coach.
No. It refers to leaders, managers, up-and-coming talent in a variety of companies. There is opportunity in companies of almost every size, at almost every level.
Yes. For instance, we have successful coaches with experience as military leaders, psychologists, anthropologists, speakers, actors, clinicians, writers, teachers, attorneys, and more. The key is to find your talents and how to bring value to clients. We help you do that when you join our program.
Yes. We have had a number of healthcare executives, including CEOs of health systems and physician leaders, complete our program. Our Founder and Director, Andrew Neitlich, was a healthcare management consultant before he was an executive coach, helping health systems develop strategic plans and improve clinical quality and processes. The toolkits we offer have evolved from that work and serve the healthcare marketplace beautifully.
Yes. We have an excellent set of toolkits and methods that apply to the needs of executive directors, board members, and up-and-coming leaders in non-profits. Examples include: board development, strategic planning, engagement and mobilizing employees, leading teams, leading change, resolving conflict, and influencing others.
Yes. We have a strong cluster of coaches focused on this sector. Our toolkits and methods seem to work well with government leaders at national, state, and local levels.
Do you have a passion for helping others develop and improve results? Do you have a track record of success as a leader and substance to be credible? Are you a good listener, empathetic, and able to think quickly? And, if you plan to start your own practice, do you have enough financial reserves to feel comfortable for 6-12 months? If so, then the odds are good.
Sometimes companies approach us looking for clients and we provide referrals to alumni. However, there are no guarantees that we can refer clients to you.
We help you. It is part of the curriculum.
Andrew Neitlich teaches almost all of the teleclasses. Other faculty members join in when he has client commitments, but he teaches 90% of classes and will even ask his clients to make room during day-long retreats for him to be able to teach. Sheri Boone, MCC, teaches the ICF mentor coaching program. Mike Pacholek, a worldwide expert on assessments, usually teaches our modules about assessing clients.
Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays 1-2 pm New York time except seminar weeks (when we do not have Thursday or Friday teleclasses) and holidays. We have also added a new cycle Mon, Tues and Thurs at 7-8 pm Eastern Time. You can join teleclasses at either or both times. Now you have more flexibility!
Just hop on the next one that you can make. Our program is designed for busy professionals. We understand.
We follow the process required by the ICF: 10 hours, a cohort of no more than 10 coaches, over 3 months, by teleclass, and typically over 4 classes, with a final assessment. You spend your time coaching others according to the ICF PCC standards.
We follow the process required by the ICF: 10 hours, a cohort of no more than 10 coaches, over 3 months, by teleclass, and typically over 4 classes, with a final assessment. You spend your time coaching others according to the ICF PCC standards.
No comparison. We are not focused on life coaching and never have been. We are not trying to pretend to be something we are not, like many life coaching schools that have realized that their students can’t make a living as life coaches and so they are trying to reposition themselves as executive coaching programs – but without the substance. We have no fluff. We are about executive, leadership, and organizational coaching.
We believe our content is better – more practical, more results-driven. Our program is more convenient. The people who come to us don’t have time for the hoops that universities make you jump through, including the academic study. We show you how to succeed as a coach in an effective and efficient manner, with practice best practices based on research but without forcing you to study all the academic background materials. You are a seasoned professional ready to apply what you know and we show you how to turn your experience into successful coaching engagements.
There are lots of coaches but not enough good ones. That’s where we come in. We believe that with our training, you can set yourself apart from a mediocre pack.
Because the ICF search feature isn’t very good. We promise you we are there, and if you just search under ACTP and our name “Center for Executive Coaching” we show up. If not, contact us and we will show you a screen shot.
You can read our testimonials by clicking here. Also, you can check out Director Andrew Neitlich’s LinkedIn page for over 250 recommendations from satisfied CEC graduates.
If you have read this far, feel free to email Director Andrew Neitlich at with some good times to schedule a discussion to confirm fit. He usually is available early in the morning and late afternoon New York time for conversations with CEC members and prospective members. Thank you!

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