Frequently Asked Questions about The Center for Executive Coaching and Getting Certified as an Executive Coach

Following are the answers to questions that are most frequently asked us about executive coaching certification:

The Center for Executive Coaching has been offering executive coaching certification since 2002…

Yes. We are BOTH a Level 1 AND Level 2 (formerly called ACTP) coach training organization with the ICF, which offers you the fastest, most flexible, and easiest pathway to achieve your ICF designation. You can start with the training required for the ACC and add the training hours required for the PCC later (or all at once, your choice) — without paying us more.

If you are not sure, especially about whether you want an International Coaching Federation designation, begin with our distance learning program.

It includes all of our content, our extensive online member area, ongoing support, and weekly live webinars. You can go at your own pace online or join our live, interactive webinars. You can start anytime. You receive Certified Executive Coach Certification when you submit six recordings for review (don’t worry – we match you up with our members if you need someone to coach) and meet our competencies. This program also includes everything you need for the Board Certified Coach certification, for those with a Masters Degree or higher in an approved field. The only things not included are our 3-day seminar, and the 10 hours of mentor coaching required for an ICF designation and completion of our full ICF program. You can add those later.

You can also get Certified with us via our 3-day virtual seminar. The seminar includes the full distance learning program described above – and it is virtual so that you don’t have to experience the cost and hassle of traveling. It is a great option for those who want back-to-back coaching experience, want to get the training done quickly, and who want to accelerate the hours required for the ICF designation requirements. You still receive everything described above, and so you have ongoing support and access to our content and webinar classes.

Finally, if you already know you want an ICF designation, register for the full ICF training. You can review a video about the ICF and what’s required here. This program gives you the option of adding a 3-day seminar if you would like to accelerate your progress through the program. This program includes the distance learning program described above, as well as the required ICF mentor coaching process (10 hours over 3 months, with a cohort of no more than 10 colleagues).

Please click the following links to see the cost of each program. Scroll down the page to see your options. You can pay in full and save, or pay in 10 monthly installments. We can even extend payments a bit if that will make the difference for your monthly cash flow.

Distance Learning (includes the BCC program at no extra cost).

Seminar with Distance Learning.

ICF program (this page has options with and without the seminar).

With  our seminar, you receive Certified Executive Coach certification at the end of the 3-day event, as long as you participate fully.

The distance learning and BCC programs takes 2-4 months to complete. You can go at your own pace and/or join our live webinars.

If you want our ICF training for an ICF designation, that takes 5-8 months depending on whether you attend a seminar or not.

You can join as few or as many classes as you wish each week (although each cycle has the same curriculum, cycles are staggered so that when you first start there won’t be overlap). Each class is recorded in case you miss it. Note that each class stands on its own. This is because we teach our program in short modules, focusing on different aspects of coaching in each one. That way, you can join anytime — after an orientation call and review of our member area.

We guarantee that the support you receive from the Center for Executive Coaching is unmatched. Reach out anytime you wish to speak directly with Founder and Director Andrew Neitlich, or any other faculty member. You get ongoing support, long after you have graduated. We are delighted to discuss any challenge you encounter, whether with a prospective client, a tricky coaching situation, your positioning in the market, you marketing message, or your plans to attract clients. We have members who contact us a decade after graduating the program, and we love having a long-term relationship with our members. That’s why we call you a member and not a student.

Our terms are written in plain language and you can view them here.

Yes. Any of our program pages has a video in the upper right-hand corner that shows you our curriculum and program. For instance, click here.

People who join our seminar do so because: they want to get Certified quickly; they learn best in an intensive, high-energy format with back-to-back coaching practice; and they want to accelerate their hours towards their ICF training. It is not required, but it gets rave reviews from professionals around the world.

The seminar includes the distance learning program. We can’t cover our entire 100-hour curriculum in the seminar, but we do extract the most important aspects of our curriculum so that participants leave competent and confident.

You can start anytime. If you have been putting off this wonderful step in your career, please take action now. If you join the distance learning program, we provide an orientation and some foundational training so that you can jump right onto our live webinars. If you join the seminar, you get instant access to our content, and also have time to complete some pre-work so that you are ready for the seminar.

Yes, there are many. First, we practice coaching in our live, interactive webinars via the distance learning program and of course during the seminar. We also have an extensive list of coaches who want to practice coaching that you can access in the member area, and you can add your name to that list as well (This is a great way to get the coaching experience hours needed for an ICF designation!). We also review up to six coaching conversations you record and send our way, with a proprietary assessment form and process that helps you improve your coaching. The ICF training program includes extensive coaching practice via the mentor coaching program. We have a private LinkedIn Group for our members to network, connect, and arrange coaching practice. During our webinars, there is a chat room where members often connect and ask for coaching partners. And if all of that is not sufficient, contact us at anytime and we will find ways to get you as much practice as you need!

Yes. In fact, we guarantee that you won’t find better guidance, tools (including sample proposals, pricing guidance, marketing message templates, advice on choosing a niche), and even over 25 hours of webinars taking you through, step-by-step, how to create a successful coaching practice.

From there, you can reach out anytime for one-on-one support.

We don’t just train you and cut you off. You are a member with ongoing support. We are committed to your success.

Yes. We have trained and helped establish internal coaching groups at top organizations. We also train individual internal coaches.

Our programs are practical, and results-driven, and that is very different than some of the overly academic/theoretical and life-coaching-style trainings out there. We also show you how to position yourself as a strategic asset to your organization, so that you have the impact you want to have.

Great! Unlike other programs, you can contact the Founder and Director of the program anytime via his personal cell phone. Reach out to Andrew Neitlich at 941-539-9623 or email him at If you are not sure you want to reach him, email us at