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Our tried-and-tested programs and expansive support network provide everything you need to enhance your skills, grow your client base, and stand out in a competitive market.

Key Challenge

Growing your business, retaining clients, and differentiating in a competitive market.

Our Solutions

The Center for Executive Coaching offers a proven executive coaching framework that addresses clients’ major challenges.

Real Results

CEC-trained coaches achieve longer client engagements, stand out from the competition, garner rave reviews, and command higher fees​​.

Seasoned Coaches Solutions

Center for Executive Coaching (CEC) offers a comprehensive suite of coaching solutions and toolkits designed to address a wide range of leadership and organizational challenges.

These solutions are tailored to empower coaches to lead change, develop succession planning, enhance service excellence, navigate mergers, develop boards, create high-performance cultures, execute strategies effectively, support career transitions, and foster business growth.

Each solution is grounded in best practices and methodologies that have been proven over 12-24 month engagements, offering a clear process for coaches to guide their clients through complex challenges and transitions, ultimately helping them to achieve measurable improvements and real results​​.

Program Details

Access to over two dozen executive coaching solutions and tools, including instructions via webinar and email support directly from Founder Andrew Neitlich

Practical coaching methodologies to the most pressing problems that leaders, executives, managers, entrepreneurs, teams, and up-and-coming leaders face

Over 1000 pages of content and more than 60 hours of video instruction, providing a robust library of resources

Content allows for customization and adaptation for personal branding, ensuring coaches can differentiate themselves in the market

Learn the areas of inquiry needed to effectively explore an issue with a client and help him or her have powerful insights

Get a methodology to follow that helps you know the conversations to have for the fastest path to insights, accountability, and action toward improved performance

Coaches receive ongoing access to an exclusive member area for just-in-time learning and support

Three additional bonuses include a live strategy session, a full year of email support from the developer, and exclusive access to our marketing vault

Curriculum Spotlight

Conflict Resolution

Equips coaches with strategies to help clients navigate and resolve interpersonal and organizational conflicts

Leadership/Executive Presence

Prepares coaches to enhance their clients’ leadership presence, tailoring to specific needs for performance improvement

Strategic Planning

Offers a three-part approach to assist clients in developing and executing strategies, proven effective in organizations of all sizes

Team Coaching

Provides practical, effective methods for coaching team leaders and members to enhance team performance, based on twenty years of experience

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes CEC’s coaching solutions unique for seasoned coaches?

CEC’s executive coaching training programs for seasoned coaches are tailored specifically to coaches with a wealth of experience who wish to expand skills and engage with the most pressing leadership challenges through proven methodologies and tools designed to have maximum impact on clients.

CEC provides access to an incredibly diverse community of executive coaches and affinity groups that keep coaches connected and supported day to day. CEC’s member site also houses a full vault of business development templates and tools, and access to marketing and proposal templates to help coaches attract and retain clients.

Our coaches report winning high-value engagements, extending client relationships, and significantly increasing their average engagement fees after implementing CEC’s solutions.

ICF ACC coaches can level-up their credentials to PCC by engaging with CEC’s ICF Program, which provides all the hours and knowledge needed for application.

All of our programs are available to purchase as installments over time or as discounted, one-time payments, and we are happy to discuss the unique needs of individuals on a case-by-case basis.

Discover The 3 Keys To Success As An Executive Coach