International Partners

Step into global excellence with our partners who deliver ICF-accredited training outside of the United States, shaping the future of executive coaching worldwide.

Key Challenges

Aspiring coaches face the need for globally applicable, versatile coaching skills to navigate the complexities of international business environments.

Our Approach

CEC delivers ICF-accredited coaching programs worldwide, offering a diverse toolkit that addresses the unique challenges of dynamic and complex international organizations.

Real Results

With over 2,000 coaches trained in 32 countries, CEC has established a global network of certified professionals, equipped to make a significant impact across various cultures and industries.


Offerings in Europe

Eastern European / Romania Regions

ICF-accredited coaching certifications tailored for Eastern Europe’s dynamic business landscape

Access to a comprehensive toolkit of best-practice coaching frameworks for real-world application

Part of a global network of trained coaches, enhancing executive coaching standards in Eastern Europe

Western European Regions

​​ICF-accredited executive coaching tailored for Western Europe’s diverse leadership challenges

Advanced coaching frameworks developed for the complexities of Western Europe’s corporate environments

Extensive professional development network connecting coaches across Western Europe


Offerings in the Asia-Pacific Region

Hong Kong and China

Customized coaching solutions for Hong Kong and China’s dynamic markets

Cultural adaptability in coaching practices for diverse business landscapes

Strategic network development within Hong Kong and China’s professional communities

Philippines and Nearby Regions

Customized coaching addressing the unique business needs of the Philippines and nearby regions

Strategic coaching methodologies tailored for the vibrant and diverse markets of Southeast Asia

Building a resilient network of executive coaches across the Philippines and adjacent areas

Vietnam and Nearby Regions

Adaptive coaching programs tailored for Vietnam’s emerging business leaders

Culturally nuanced frameworks to navigate the complexities of Southeast Asian markets

Expanding professional networks in Vietnam and surrounding regions

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