How to accelerate your paid coaching hours log for an ICF designation

Here is an important fact: If you practice coaching with other coaches, you can count that as barter and therefore as paid coaching hours towards your ICF designation. The ICF website makes that very clear.

The Center for Executive Coaching has a large pool of members/coaches who are pursuing their ICF designation. We keep an active list of coaches working towards their designation who want to work with other coaches to build up their paid hours. When you join our program, we quickly get you onto this list and match you up. That way, you don’t even need actual paying clients to start on your way towards your ICF designation!

As one of our members recently wrote to us, “You need to promote this service more publicly. It is awesome. You have this pool of coaches working towards their ICF designation and you match us up. I have extra time and so do other coaches. By working together to coach each other, we can go a long way towards having the paid coaching hours we need to apply to the ICF very quickly.”

Even if an ICF designation is not one of your goals, we will still match you up to practice coaching with other coaches to help you develop your coaching skills, if you wish.

Join our program and we can match you up to coach other coaches, too!

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