Advice and insights from an internal executive coach in a healthcare system

If you have an interest in working as an internal coach in an organization, you have come to the right place. Mary Wolf is a Certified Executive Coach with the Center for Executive Coaching, and also continued with our program to become a Master Coach Trainer so that she can train other coaches. In this video, she discusses how she coaches clinical and other leaders in her healthcare system, and also how she trains physicians to be peer coaches to other physicians. She does all of this while balancing other responsibilities, and has built some remarkable programs in her tenure at her organization. She also shares why healthcare is such a wonderful niche for coaches.

Please enjoy Mary’s insights, and then contact us if you would also like to get Certified. We have helped many internal coaches get certified, and also helped to set up some internal coaching groups. Unlike other coach training programs, we know what it takes to build a successful internal coaching practice, including how to demonstrate credibility, create coaching programs that tie into an organization’s strategic priorities, and show a clear return on investment. We also have significant experience in the healthcare industry. Contact us at to schedule time to speak.

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