Associate your coaching practice with Guerrilla Marketing for a Bulletproof Career

Guerrilla Marketing for a Bulletproof Career is starting to get traction, including some strong reviews like this one.

Meanwhile, the Center for Career Coaching now gives you over the ability to associate yourself with the Guerrilla Marketing for a Bulletproof Career title, as a Certified Career Coach with us. You learn the key distinctions in the book, and how to use them with clients to help them have an agile career for life. You also get an extensive suite of professionally designed PowerPoint slides (over 150 slides), that you can use in your marketing and with clients — all based on the book. Of course, you also get trained in how to present and use these slides and the distinctions that they describe. That's not a bad brand with which to associate your coaching practice!

The focus of our training is on leading-edge ways for managers, executives, and professionals to get visible in a constantly changing and volatile world. This includes modules on helping your clients develop their social media presence, build a one-call-away powerbase, and think about the many new forms where they can offer their talents and skills to the market. Unlike old-fashioned career coaching, our program shows you how to coach clients to not only look for the next jobs, but also to become solo professionals, interim executives, and enterpreneurs.

Of course, the training also includes traditional approaches to building a successful career, from assessment tools to a four-step process to set one's career path, navigate transitions, grab a new opportunity, and seize the opportunity by succeeding during that crucial first 90 days.

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