New research about the workplace reveals opportunity for executive coaches

The way to get hired as an executive and leadership coach is by showing that you solve pressing problems that leaders face.

A recent study by LinkedIn about stress in the workplace identified a number of pressing problems that leaders and managers have, all related to stress. When we break down the sources of stress, great opportunities for coaches show up.

Here are some facts that might help you uncover these opportunities (Note: When you join the Center for Executive Coaching for executive coach certification, you get the methods, processes, and tools to help clients address these issues):

  • 49% of workers experience stress in the workplace, with Gen X feeling the most (54%(, Baby Boomers next (48%) and Millennials at 46%. In other words, stress is pervasive.
  • Executive-level stress was the highest, at 61%, mostly due to work-life issues. This is a great area for coaching, and one of our 27 Tool-kits is all about overcoming overwhelm via time and priorities management, as well as our methodologies focused on work-life flow.
  • For Gen X-ers, the issue is job security. This is a great opportunity for you to help people in this generation improve their performance and network/power-base, so that they are more secure in their positions.
  • Millennials feel the most stress about their sense of purpose. Coaching can help them align their careers with their values. We offer you a powerful suite of tool-kits about career success, as well as influence so that leaders in this generation can have more impact and autonomy.
  • Middle managers are the most stressed about their workloads. That’s why we provide you with tools to coach managers to be more productive, execute more effectively, influence others when needed, engage their teams, and delegate better.
  • 63% of all participants reported stress from colleagues and office politics. We have great materials to help clients remove the drama from their work and be more productive and effective than ever.

The opportunities to have fantastic impact are there! You might just need training in the tools, methods, and processes that get results and rave reviews – as well as how to position yourself so that you attract clients. That’s where we come in. Other programs tend to be academic, based on pseudoscience, or pushing philosophies that make most decision makers cringe. Our program is practical, focused on results, and attracts top professionals from around the world.

Be sure to browse our website to learn more. Click “Get Certified” up top to explore our programs. You can learn via distance learning, our acclaimed in-person seminar, and also get your ICF designation (and Board Certified Coach Certification). Click here to learn more about what sets us apart from other training and certification programs.

Then, if you have interest, contact me at to get your specific questions answered.

Here’s to helping to remove unproductive stress from the workplace!

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