Six pieces of advice from Certified Executive Coach/CEC Alumni Carol Marzouk

In this video interview, Certified Executive Coach and graduate of our certified executive coach training program Carol Marzouk talks about what she loves most about executive coaching, how her practice has grown primarily through referrals, and six great pieces of advice for new coaches and those thinking about getting into the field. Carol is one of the most passionate coaches we know, and we are grateful for her kind words about the Center for Executive Coaching early in the interview. Be sure to stay tuned for her advice. Her advice about how to leverage speeches, and not worrying about the fact that you probably won’t be everyone’s cup of tea are both really great — and those are only two of the six! If you like these and the other alumni interviews and articles on our blog, we would be delighted to speak with you about joining one of our certification programs.

In fact, if you want the most efficient, effective, and practical guidance and approach to starting an executive coaching practice, the Center for Executive Coaching is your best option. Contact us at to schedule time to answer your questions and assess fit. Please explore our website first to research your options.

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