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The Center for Executive Coaching is the only choice if you’re a professional that aspires to join an elite group of executive coaches. By earning your certification with us, you’ll learn from comprehensive training materials and methodologies that have shown efficacy for 20 years, while enjoying a concierge experience that prioritizes client value and results.

Key Challenge

Finding the right training course that delivers outstanding results is difficult. Many programs are either too academic and theoretical, too rigid and inflexible, or simply too lightweight, leaning towards life-coaching. It is hard to find the right program and you don’t want to sign up with one only to later find that it does not meet your expectations.

The Solution

If you are serious about becoming an executive coach, the Center for Executive Coaching is the best choice. For 20 years running, it remains the leader in teaching proven best practices in executive & leadership coaching to already-accomplished and established professionals. Graduates of the program overwhelmingly report that they feel qualified and confident as coaches, and have developed the practical skills required to help leaders grow and prosper. This mindset is achieved through our highly rigorous, flexible, boutique program.

Proven Track Record

The Center for Executive Coaching has trained top professionals from leading organizations for two decades, and has a nearly 100% graduation rate. Upon enrollment, participants of the program gain an instant network of like-minded and enterprising colleagues as well as the tools and skills to delight their clients and meet their needs. 

The Center for Executive Coaching is unique among training programs with its emphasis of practical skill development, topical content, and a pedagogy that ensures measurable results. Executives, managers, and organizational leaders come to us for personalized one-on-one support and to master our rigorous, applicable, and proven tools, knowing that they’ll be prepared to determine and attain every client’s goal. 

Because you are busy, we’ve designed our program to be as flexible as possible. You set the pace around your schedule. Thanks to our innovative approach, you can register and start anytime, even today!

Your curriculum focuses on practical application and results while still grounded in accepted theory and coaching of the whole person. 

You have multiple paths to certification, including ICF and BCC designations.

You will have continuous support and business development guidance or internal organizational support to ensure a successful coaching practice.


What’s Included

Our ICF-accredited executive coaching certification programs are flexible and built on proven best practices, first-rate instruction, and one-on-one support. But bottom-line, our focus is to help you attract great clients, help them to grow and prosper, and for you to love what you do!

Unparalleled Resources

ICF competencies are necessary but we don’t stop with them – we deliver more, and more matters. With the Center for Executive Coaching you will has access to our rich catalog of proven executive coaching tools and methods (over 1,000 pages, organized by topic), hours of video instruction available on-demand, our proprietary in-depth coaching textbook, a super-supportive community of dynamic professionals, and a state-of-the-art learning management system. 

Unmatched Flexibility

No other program is as flexible. Start anytime. 

Get certified within days with a seminar, 2-4 months for the distance certification program, and 5-6 months for the ICF designation. 

Join energetic and stimulating live classes, or listen to recordings. And, if you’re not in a rush, you have up to 24 months to complete a program.  

Unrivaled Support for Your Coaching Success

Whether you are an internal or independent coach, we provide you with guidance to set your practice apart, attract clients, and be seen as the go-to coach in your market. The certification programs include sample proposals and contracts, pricing advice, marketing messages, and many strategies to grow your clientele list. Also, depend on one-on-one support, anytime. 

Highlighted Program
Core Distance Learning Program - A Small, Highly-Personalized Program with Exclusive Membership

Members include successful leaders who want a new career path or encore career as a coach.

Perfect for people who prefer to work through the program online and at their own pace.

All graduates receive a Certified Executive Coach designation with all work counting toward future ICF and Board Certified Coach (BCC) certifications.

Practical and comprehensive toolkits and resources, a broad community of fellow coaches, and ongoing support from our ICF-certified faculty.


Choose the right executive coaching training program for you

Core Distance Learning Program

Create the foundation to be a successful executive and leadership coach. The Core Distance Learning Program delivers training hours needed for both the ACC and PCC International Coaching Federation (ICF) designations and Board Certified Coach (BCC) certification. 

Begin any time and complete your Certified Executive Coach certification at your own pace, typically within 2-4 months. Perfect for aspiring coaches that don’t want, or aren’t sure they want an ICF designation.

Also included: access to our resource library and Career Coach and Business Coach training and Certification at no extra charge.

Our ICF Program combines the Core Distance Learning Program with required ICF mentor coaching for full ICF Level 1 & 2 achievement. 

This is the fastest path to an ICF designation of any program available in the market and typically takes 5-6 months to complete. 

To help you along your way we match you with fellow coaches to complete coaching experience requirements. The program delivers more than common ICF programs by preparing you for success with demanding executive and leadership coaching clients and sponsors. 

Graduates find full satisfaction with our seminars and consider them to be game changers. 

These engaging seminars are offered as both virtual and in-person experiences and are designed for professionals who prefer to learn in an intensive, interactive setting. Upon completion, you immediately achieve Certified Executive Coach certification, setting yourself up to quickly complete ICF designation (if desired). You also get all of the resources from our Core Distance Learning Program for ongoing education, support, and community. 

You may choose to include the full ICF training when registering, or add the additional mentor coaching later.

This is our most comprehensive program and includes our Core Distance Learning Program, full ICF mentor coaching hours and training, and the opportunity to join one of our 2-or 3-day virtual intensive seminars.

If you are all-in, you’re ready for EVERYTHING, and want to take part in our seminar while achieving an ICF designation, then this is the option for you!

Gain certification through our engaging interactive classes, hands-on practice, comprehensive tools, and personalized support — all done at your own pace and all counting toward a future ICF designation if you desire.

The most straightforward and flexible path to ICF certification in the market, covering all live training hours necessary for Associate Certified Coach (ACC) or Professional Certified Coach (PCC). 

A flexible, efficient way to earn the growing Board Certified Coach (BCC) designation and broaden your coaching abilities.

Our Certified Team Coach program elevates your coaching services to address a rapidly growing need and equips you with a versatile toolkit for both internal and external clients.

Get the same comprehensive certification and resources as our Core program, tailored for individuals who prefer the engagement of in-person, accelerated learning.

Enjoy the same comprehensive certification and resources from our Core program while completing certification virtually in just 2-3 days.

Get a full library of comprehensive and proven tools and be part of a supportive community to improve coaching outcomes and your business.

“I graduated from two Ivy League universities. I learned more from the Center for Executive Coaching than I did from any professors at those schools. Great teaching and methodology!”

— Steve Goldin

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