Compare Our Executive Coaching Certification Programs

From foundational coaching skills to advanced accreditation programs, every route offers unparalleled mastery.

New Coach Comparison

For New Coaches

Core Distance Learning Program

The Core Distance Learning Program sets the stage with foundational coaching skills and methodologies, accessible anytime and anywhere.

Engage with live webinars or self-paced online curriculum, offering unmatched flexibility to suit your lifestyle.

Connect with a global community of professionals, enhancing your coaching career with peer insights and networking opportunities​​.

International Coaching Federation (ICF) Program

Attain prestigious ICF accreditation through comprehensive mentor coaching and the hours needed for ACC or PCC designation.

Tailored to meet ICF standards, this program ensures you receive all necessary training hours for ACC and/or PCC designation.

Perfectly complements the Core Program, allowing for a smooth transition to higher certification without missing a beat​​.

Accelerated Seminars

Immerse yourself in intensive, seminar-based learning designed to rapidly enhance your coaching skills and confidence.

Experience dynamic, engaging sessions, both virtual and in-person, that provide hands-on coaching practice and immediate feedback.

Includes all elements of the Core Program, ensuring a holistic learning experience even as you accelerate your coaching education​.

Experienced Coach Comparison

For Seasoned Coaches

Coaching Solutions Toolkit

Provides a comprehensive suite of proven executive coaching methodologies tailored for seasoned coaches looking to deepen their impact and expand their skills.

Includes tools for addressing complex leadership challenges, enabling coaches to deliver targeted development and strategic insights.

Offers customizable content to adapt to various coaching styles, ensuring relevance and effectiveness for diverse client needs.

Team Coaching Certification

Teaches practical, highly effective methods for coaching team leaders and members to enhance team performance.

Draws on twenty years of experience, offering a depth of knowledge in facilitating team dynamics and achieving organizational goals.

Recognized by alumni as more practical and focused on real client needs compared to other team coaching programs​​.

Organizational Comparison

For Organizations

Internal Coaches & Coaching Groups

Prioritize practical and impactful coaching methodologies to build credibility within organizations.

Go beyond ICF’s stringent requirements focusing on results, impact, and addressing internal organizational challenges.

Offer flexible training options including in-house, online, individual, and train-the-trainer programs tailored to organizational needs.

Consulting Firms

Training consultants in executive and leadership coaching to enhance impact and client relationships.

Offering a curriculum rooted in best practices, practical methodologies, and toolkits for real-world application and measurable results.

Providing flexible training options, including in-house, distance learning, and custom programs tailored to specific consulting firm needs.

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