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Program Comparison Guide

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New Coach Comparison

For New Coaches

Core Distance Learning Program

The Core Distance Learning Program includes our best-in-class tools and methodology, live dynamic classes, a global community, and the CEC Executive Coach Certification designation.

Our powerful training is designed to be flexible for your lifestyle. It typically takes 2-4 months to achieve Executive Coach Certification, but you have up to two years to complete the program.

The perfect choice if you aren’t  ready to commit to applying for an ICF designation or a full, intensive seminar. You can always add either or both at a later date.

International Coaching Federation (ICF) Program

Provides all the ICF training and coaching experience hours you’ll need to achieve either prestigious ICF certified coaching designations – ACC or PCC.

Bypass the process of sending recordings to the ICF!  

Our program includes comprehensive and live mentor coaching and supervisory sessions that count as replacements to those recordings.

Unlike other ICF training programs, the Center for Executive Coaching surpasses the ICF baseline requirements and will show you how to succeed in this demanding and competitive market space.

Accelerated Seminars

Immerse yourself in intensive, seminar-based learning that earns rave reviews and has been called a game changer for participants.

This is your fastest way to achieve Executive Coaching Certification while learning how to be an outstanding coach.

Includes the Core Program for continuing education, support, and community.

Experienced Coach Comparison

For Seasoned Coaches

Coaching Solutions Toolkit

Empower Your Coaching Practice: A Comprehensive Toolkit for Executive Coaching Development

This toolkit provides seasoned coaches with a powerful set of proven methodologies to maximize your impact and broaden your coaching skills.

Tackle Complex Challenges with Confidence.

The toolkit equips you with tools to address even the most intricate leadership hurdles, enabling you to deliver targeted development plans and strategic insights for your clients.

Tailored for Success.

Highly customizable content adapts to various coaching styles, ensuring relevance and effectiveness for a wide range of client needs.

Team Coaching Certification

Unlock Peak Team Performance: Our Proven Team Coaching Certification

Our certification program equips you with practical, results-oriented methods to coach both team leaders and members, driving significant performance gains.

Leveraging 20 Years of Expertise.

We draw on two decades of experience, providing a deep understanding of team dynamics and the strategies needed to achieve tangible organizational results.

Focus on Real-World Impact.

Our alumni consistently praise our program for its practical approach, designed to address actual client needs and deliver exceptional outcomes.

Organizational Comparison

For Organizations

Internal Coaches & Coaching Groups

Build Credibility and Drive Impact: Our Coaching Approach

We prioritize actionable coaching methodologies that deliver tangible results for your organization. Our focus is on empowering coaches to address real-world challenges and propel internal growth.

Going Beyond the Standard: Results-Oriented Coaching

While we maintain the high ethical standards of the ICF framework, we take coaching a step further. We emphasize measurable outcomes that directly align with your organization’s goals.

Flexible Learning: Tailored to Your Needs

We understand that every organization has unique needs. That’s why we offer a variety of training options, including in-house, online, individual, and train-the-trainer programs. We’ll work with you to design a program that perfectly fits your requirements.

Consulting Firms

Empower Your Consultants: Executive and Leadership Coaching Expertise

Equip your consulting teams with the skills they need to maximize their impact and forge stronger client relationships. Our comprehensive training program is designed specifically for consulting firms.

Rooted in Results:

We offer a curriculum built on industry best practices, practical coaching methodologies, and actionable toolkits. This ensures your consultants can deliver real-world solutions that generate measurable results.

Learning on Your Terms:

We understand that every firm has unique needs. That’s why we offer a variety of flexible training options, including in-house workshops, distance learning programs, and custom-tailored solutions. We’ll work with you to design a program that perfectly fits your team’s requirements.

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