Virtual Executive Coaching Certification Seminar

Completely online! No travel required. Same level of support and intensive coaching skill development using a highly productive online meeting/small group coaching practice format.

Read below to discover why our seminar certification program receives rave reviews and is considered a game changer by our graduates.

PLUS: If you want an ICF designation, this seminar gets you almost ALL of the live training hours you need to qualify (excepting the required mentor coaching).

Registration For our Certification Seminar now open for the following formats and dates:

FORMAT ONE: Accelerated Virtual Seminar:

Next Open Date(s):

- February 5 - 7, 2024 (Monday - Wednesday).

Please register now. Space always fills up fast. After you register (see buttons below), we will reach out to confirm and get you started.

Times (all times USA Eastern Time/New York time): 9 AM - 5 PM (with optional coaching practice and networking 8 am - 9 am on Days Two and Three)

Receive your Executive Coaching Certification upon completion. Completely virtual and highly interactive; no travel needed. INCLUDES our full distance learning program as well, for ongoing support and learning. Plus all hours count towards ICF training for an ICF designation.

Full details below and you can register here:

In response to your requests for those who cannot attend our weekday seminars….

FORMAT TWO: Accelerated Weekend Virtual Seminar:

Next Open Date:

- Saturday and Sunday, January 13 - 14, 2024. Become a Certified Executive Coach to start the New Year right!

After you register, we will reach out to get you started.

Times: Saturday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm USA Eastern Time.
Sunday 9:00 am – 4:00 pm USA Eastern Time.

This is an accelerated version of our virtual seminar and you achieve Executive Coaching Certification upon completion. Please see the agenda here. It INCLUDES our full distance learning program as well, for ongoing support and learning. Plus all hours count towards ICF training for an ICF designation.

Details below. We sell out quickly and you get instant access to our content when you register so you can start learning immediately. As soon as you register, we send a welcome email and get you full access to our content. It’s that easy. (If there are multiple dates above, we will confirm your date with you. Space is still available as long as the date is showing. Sign up for the in-person via the link above, because there is a slightly higher investment).

Please join us for our online/remote intensive executive coach training and certification seminar that is sure to be a highlight of your career. Professionals leave this seminar with confidence, deep skills, and an incredible sense of energy, passion, and possibility about succeeding as an executive coach. You also get practical, powerful tools and strategies to attract and delight clients. The process couldn’t be easier, because you receive your Certified Executive Coach Certification upon successful completion of this Executive Coach Seminar. Plus, you get ongoing support after the seminar ends and full access to our distance learning program (hours of live interactive webinar classes, our extensive member area filled with tools, resources, business development guidance, templates, and recordings of all webinars; and ongoing one-on-one support).

Our online format has been tested and proven over the past four years, with many participants calling it the best professional development experience of their careers. If anything, the process is more productive than an in-person seminar — without the need for hotel or travel. We even make sure that there is time for meeting and making ongoing connections/forming alliances with your cohort.

(Ready to register but have some questions or want a strategy session to confirm fit? Call 941-539-9623 or email us at You can get more details about our program, what you receive, and its advantages by clicking here. Also, by signing up you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to our terms and conditions.)

Here is additional information about our seminar and program...

Before and after the seminar, you are a full member of our core program. Join our live, interactive classes anytime to build on what you learned at the seminar. See the schedule here.
Review the Table of Contents of our textbook, which gives you a more in-depth look at our curriculum.

Read what our graduates say....

Advantages of attending our coaching seminars include:

Personalized attention. We guarantee that no other program provides the level of one-on-one support you might need during the seminar and after you graduate.

Meet an incredible group of highly accomplished professionals, whether to form alliances or add to your network for support and idea generation long after the seminar. We attract amazing people to our program, from retired generals and admirals to C-suite executives, HR executives, physicians, non-profit executives, university leaders, government leaders, elite athletes/coaches, authors, speakers, those with advanced degrees, and more.
Enjoy high energy, practical case studies, and the momentum that comes from back-to-back practice.
Get the best guidance in the industry about positioning your executive coaching service, whether as an internal or external coach.
All hours count towards an ICF designation, if that is a goal.
You leave energized, more confident, and with both a 30-day and long-term plan.

Fast, and no travel or lodging costs. Get your certification completed and start opening new doors while others are frozen in place.

PLUS: Your Seminar program includes our full distance learning program, too. This means that you can join our live webinars at your convenience before and after the seminar to reinforce what you learn in the seminar, and for ongoing development. You are a member ongoing!

AND: If you want an ICF designation, the seminar gets you almost ALL of the live training you need to qualify for the ACC designation (excepting the required mentor coaching). There is no faster way to get to your ICF designation than completing this seminar.

Note: This seminar is designed for results-driven, already-successful professionals. We treat you the way you expect to be treated, without fluff, boring lectures and theory, or slow-moving discussions of ground rules and process before every session. Instead, we keep you engaged and involved, with an emphasis on improving your coaching skills and confidence in a high-energy, fun environment. The focus is on getting results for clients. At the same time, our faculty, including Founder and Director Andrew Neitlich, are accessible if you need one-on-one time for your specific questions.

Agenda and times

Each day starts at 9:00 am Eastern Time and ends at 5:00 pm Eastern Time. (The second and third day have an optional networking and practice session starting at 8:00 am). We take a one-hour break for lunch and sufficient breaks in between so that you can stay refreshed.

Technology Requirements

We use the Zoom meeting platform, which works on just about any PC/laptop. You should have a good internet connection, microphone/speaker, and video that allows others to see you during breakout sessions.

A Return on Investment that is easy to justify

The program includes your seminar, our full ongoing distance learning program, Certified Executive Coach certification, hours towards the ICF designation (and you can continue with the designation via our distance learning program, included), ongoing support, and ongoing access to our extensive member area. You can also do a bit of work after the seminar for our Certified Career Coach and Certified Business Coach certifications at no additional cost, along with a specialty designation that you create via a research project if you wish. No other program provides this level of content and support. Considering the fee range for an executive coaching engagement, a single new client can easily pay back your investment, and this program intends for you to succeed far beyond that!
You can pay for the program in 10 monthly installments of $750, or save $150 by paying upfront. Click the button below to choose your option. You will also be able to add the full International Coaching Federation training program if you are ready to do so.


If cash flow is an option, contact us and we can discuss additional options to meet your budget. We understand that many solopreneurs are on an “entrepreneurial budget” and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Advance your career with our Executive Coaching Seminars

This is a great way to accelerate your learning while getting everything you need to be a top tier executive coach while forming alliances with some incredible people from around the world. Plus — The training continues after you leave because you get ongoing access to our weekly LIVE and HIGHLY INTERACTIVE webinar classes, email support, one-on-one support, video training, and exclusive member area. No other training program gives you this level of support, even at twice the price.

Read what our graduates say....

(Ready to register but have some questions or want a strategy session to confirm fit? Call 941-539-9623 or email us at You can get more details about our program, what you receive, and its advantages by clicking here. Also, by signing up you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to our terms and conditions.)

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