A great coaching niche revealed

Did you see the recent Wall Street Journal article entitled "The Family That Goes to School Together…"?

It revealed one of the great untapped coaching niches for executive and business coaches:

Family businesses.

According to some estimates, over 2/3 of all businesses are family-owned business. And these family businesses not only face unique challenges, but also have very few places to go for help.

That's where you come in, as a business and/or executive coach.

Here are some of the issues, highlighted in the article, that cause friction in family businesses:

– Agreeing on future strategy
– Dealing with performance of family members in the business (or lack of performance)
– Whether to reinvest profits or pay dividends
– Deciding who can and can't work in the business
– Figuring how much to pay different family members
– Whether in-laws should or shouldn't get involved
– Issues communicating with the wider family about the business

And many more, including handing the business off the successors, getting over past slights and broken relationships, dealing with divorce, etc.

These folks struggle with these issues, and need an objective, trusted advisor to help them sort through things.

You can help them, and this is a great niche to get into.

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Andrew Neitlich

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