Case studies of coaches who are building a successful practice

Every day I get calls from coaches, consultants, and other advisers who are not doing as well financially as they would like.

In this newsletter, I want to give you some case studies of members in The Center for Executive Coaching who have cracked the code, with our help, and are getting far better results than average coaches:

1. One woman was charging about $200 per hour to her clients, making perhaps $10,000 per client per year. After taking our program, she learned how to convert these clients into $100,000 per year revenue streams — while doing the same amount of work for them. That's a 10-fold increase and 20X the price of our program (not a bad ROI from one client alone).

2. Yesterday on a group telecall, we had members share about how they are going beyond the "trade your time for dollars" trap and build a firm that creates true wealth. One coach has just published a book with the American Hospital Association and is getting ready to license his content to other coaches. Another is focused on rolling out a great product — seminars, book, training programs, coaching — to churches. Yet another has struck a sponsorship deal with a company that allows him
to hit the road speaking, offering information products, and starting up a certification program that will give him a stream of revenues. Of course, doing all of these things is also bringing a stream of coaching clients their way.

3. A coach who started with the program 4 years ago called and his very first client (which became a $50,000 engagement within a few months of his joining) has grown and grown to the point where he brings a team of coaches in to do the work while he reaps the profits.

4. Two coaches have formed alliances with major associations in their niche to offer coaching, assessments, consulting, and other services to them. One has also built an online subscription service to help his clients get on-demand coaching and tools.

Look — you can limp along as a coach and adviser, or you can do what's required to succeed in this market. You can be open to help about how to do this in a practical way, or you can try to figure it out on your own — and repeat expensive mistakes.

To be blunt, if you want to do what the people above are doing, we are the place for you.

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