Case study of a coaching program with fantastic potential

Yesterday I was delighted to have a prospective student contact me and share some of his plans and marketing materials to be a coach.

He showed me a coaching program he wants to offer with the following advantages:

1. He targets an extremely specific target market. This is a huge advantage because his solution and marketing materials speak the language of the market (a specific profession) and goes deeper than more generalized coaching solutions. Plus, he can reach his market easily and at a low cost, compared to going after a wide swath of different businesses.

2. He offers tremendous value and a compelling marketing message. His one-page program description makes it impossible NOT to respond to learn more about his services. He identifies the problem he solves, the benefits of his solution, and the specific results he gets. The only thing he needs to add are testimonials to prove his results, and those are coming.

3. His solution is repeatable. He can package it as an information product (or products), sell it as coaching services, offer seminars, or take a share in companies he helps to build with his methodology.  While most coaches “wing it” or offer custom solutions, this individual does what we teach in our program: He has created a repeatable methodology and a system for getting results for clients.

I love seeing these kinds of focused solutions and plans. This individual will be successful!

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