Why Center for Executive Coaching members stand out (another reason)

Recently we had a series of teleclasses in our Certified Executive Coach training program about career transition coaching. Members were challenged to come up with their own career transition coaching program to offer to clients.

In the typical coach training program, one would expect the usual generic package that includes: assessing strengths, understanding passion, researching the market, putting together one’s resume and linkedin profile, and creating an action plan.

Not in the Center for Executive Coaching. Our members tend to be much more seasoned, with great backgrounds. Here are three examples of the types of solutions that members shared:

One: A coaching program tailored to physicians who are experiencing frustration and burn out in their careers, and want to explore new options.

Two: A coaching program for expat executives and their families who are moving from United States companies to France. The program included coaching to prepare before making the transition, succeed in the new role, make sure the trailing spouse and family are comfortable, and then prepare for transition back to the United States after the position rotated back.

Three: A coaching program for wealthy executives nearing the end of the career who were thinking of next steps to secure their legacy — whether through philanthropy or new roles in the community.

These are only a few examples, to give you a sense of the substance that our members bring to the table. If you want to be a successful executive coach, you need to think about how to set yourself apart in the field. We work with our members to combine their unique backgrounds and experiences with our content. That way, they create a unique brand and can succeed in this wonderful profession. Also, it is a lot more fun to learn with members who bring creativity to our classes, rather than the usual generic stuff you will learn in other coach training programs.

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