Center for Executive Coaching now offers Specialty Coaching Designations

At the request of our members, the Center for Executive Coaching now offers — at no additional cost to members of our Executive Coach  Certification program — Specialty Leadership and Executive Coaching Designations.

Best of all: The process to get one of these designations is designed to position you in your target market, meet decision makers, and immediately build credibility. It’s not just about the piece of paper, but about the process.

You can earn Specialty Designation as a coach in a specific industry, such as healthcare, financial services, government, non-profit, education,  construction, and many others.

You can also earn one for your expertise addressing a specific issue, including: influence, leadership presence, succession planning, creating a high-performing culture, leading change, engaging employees, and building effective teams.

You choose your path, and we give you the process and tools to succeed.

All of this is now included in your program when you get Certified with us. It costs nothing extra and is there for you if and when you are ready. You still get certified as a Certified Executive Coach, Certified Business Coach and/or Certified Career Coach.

What’s innovative — aside from the entire concept — is that this is a practical certification process. It enables you to demonstrate that you can bring value to your target market. We set you up with a process that helps you do this, so that you automatically position yourself as a credible, valuable resource to your clients.

This opportunity applies to both internal and external coaches.

No other coach training company offers this type of service in this way. If you are in the market for a coach training and certification program, this new feature is another reason to choose the Center for Executive Coaching (in addition to our results-driven methodologies, proven toolkits, practical no-fluff approach, support to attract clients, and highly personal support). Yes, we are an ICF- accredited program, pre-approved with the HRCI and now a provider with SHRM for re-certification units.

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